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3 Enterprise Apps Your Company Needs Today

If your company has a mobile workforce you may be looking at adopting enterprise apps to help increase productivity, sharing, and collaboration. But with all of the different options available where should you start? Whether you are SaaS or you sell Appliances, there are 3 basic mobile applications every enterprise needs. These applications include customer resource management, a corporate social network, and secure content distribution.

1. CRM

While CRM has to do more with fostering and strengthening relationships than with true management, it is important to have an application that can help your company coordinate interactions with new and existing customers. Customer resource management applications can help provide people in the field with up to date information on your customers. This data can include customer service calls, order history, and warranty information. When a tech is on a service call, they have real time information that can not only help resolve a current issue but help retain a client by offering advice on settings, parts or cross-sell options that can enhance their experience with the company’s product or service. The tech can upload data on the current issue and what was done to solve the problem. This can help the customer service department if the customer calls after the tech has left the premises but has yet to return to the office. In addition to customer service and sales calls, CRM enterprise apps can help the company enhance the customer experience with email campaigns, social media strategies, and tactics that will increase engagement. It is important to woo the customer after the sale and these applications will help you show the customer that their satisfaction is your top priority.

2. Corporate Social Network

Customers aren’t the only ones who need to feel connected and appreciated. Employees want to be able to communicate with one another and team members as a part of their work and social life. Corporate social network applications can help your company create an effective workforce and foster a sense of community. Encouraging interdepartmental communication can increase the efficiency of an organization. Allowing employees to communicate in a dedicated social network can take off the pressure and help lower defenses to foster a sense of camaraderie and communication. Team members need to be able to collaborate in and out of the office. A corporate social network application offers company teams a secure place to share information and collaborate online to move a project forward even when members are scattered geographically.

3. Secure Content Distribution

When team members are working together on a project it is often necessary to share and distribute documents such as; spreadsheets, word docs, contracts, and presentations. When members are working remotely or on the road, it is important to have a secure location to upload, store, and collaborate on project content. Secure content distribution applications can help team members and employees with real-time access to important company documents. They can find the latest version of a document to deliver to a client or make notes on a project to enact changes to the latest contract or presentation. Enterprise mobility relies on the ability of employees to interact seamlessly with management, support staff and customers. By finding and implementing the right enterprise apps, a company can perform as though all employees were under the same roof. With apps for CRM, secure content distribution, and corporate social network, your company will have a solid foundation to have an efficient and engaged mobile workforce.

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