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Last Updated Feb 27, 2012 — DevOps Expert

Achieving Agile Process Maturity Through Deployment Automation

New Whitepaper, by Bob AielloAuthor of Configuration Management Best Practices, Practical Methods that Work in the Real WorldPaper Excerpt: Agile Process Maturity is essential for successful rapid iterative development and deployment automation is a key ingredient. Technology teams are finding that Agile practices help them to deliver working software that meets or exceeds their customer's expectations. The goal for every company is to establish practices that help all of their projects (and teams) succeed and that is exactly where Agile Process Maturity can help . These successes would be impossible without Agile CM's focus on rapid iterative development. Individuals and interactions may be more important than processes and tools, but you won't achieve success without automated build, package and deployment and that is exactly where wisely-chosen tools and process add value. This paper will describe what you need to consider to establish Agile process that are repeatable and able to scale to meet the needs of your organization.

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