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This post is from the Collabnet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 25, 2013 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Agile Portfolio Management, Continuous Integration and Scaling Agile Come to Agilepalooza

Enterprise Agile Planning

Agilepalooza Austin is set for December 6!  We are excited to share the thinking of our presenters, who are speaking on topics like continuous integration, scaling agile enterprise/wide, agile portfolio management, and more.   We’ve got six presenters total, and I’ve included three sound bites to give you an idea of the level of content you can expect to receive. Dave Sharrock of Agile42 will explain to you what it is really like to take on the impossible with “Herding Cats!  The Art of Agile Portfolio Management.”  Dave says the problem of practicing agile at the team level has been solved, but now the challenge is scaling agile to multiple products and projects.  Navigating through personal interactions and differing priorities is as important to the success of the project as visibility.  Dave will talk on each of these to connect the “why’s” and help you make accurate decisions on where to spend time and budget dollars. Damon Poole with Eliassen Group wants to “Unlock the Power of Agile in Your Organization.”  Per Damon, most practitioners use 5% of the value of agile during the scaling of a project. How can this be?  If you take the overall length of the project, from the idea phase through production, the only agile work being done is coding and testing.  When agile encompasses more than that// the full project process//it can mean tens of millions of dollars to a company.  He is going to share his ideas on how to find that missing 95% of agile value and how to translate it into a cost savings for your product and company. Jann Thomas of LeadingAgile will conduct a workshop for her portion of the day, “Begin with the End In Mind: Continuous Integration for the Rest of Us.”  Her six/question maturity model will determine where you are in your continuous integration efforts and how you move forward as a team.  She will also identify the needs of management and the next steps to take to get to the next level.  The hands/on retrospective approach will give you a great overall picture of current company status and some clear action items on your continuous integration efforts to use when you are back in the office. Three other speakers will be joining us including David Hussman of DevJam, John Sigler of Sabre Airline Solutions and Mike McLaughlin, VersionOne agile coach.  The day will move fast and the information, faster. There are still some spots left for the December 6 session at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin.  You can register for Agilepalooza Austin here or reach out to me at for more details.

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