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Analyst firm Ovum’s “On the Radar” calls attention to “up-and-coming” vendors.  In their February note covering XebiaLabs, Ovum senior analyst Chandranshu Singh writes: “XebiaLabs has a credible offering, and deserves to be on the radar of organizations looking to invest in tooling for DevOps and Continuous Delivery.”ovumSingh highlights that organizations need the ability to manage their business applications dynamically, and to deliver more application software in shorter timeframes.
Organizations also want the convenience of a tools-based framework for deployment and release automation that integrates well with other software ALM tools such as build automation, continuous integration, release orchestration and test management.  Combining all these elements provides the requisite infrastructure to push application software to production environments on-demand.
In a nutshell, that is precisely what XL Platform is: all the tools needed to automate a Continuous Delivery pipeline.
Ovum recommends that you put XebiaLabs on your radar because our solution “enables large enterprises to spare on error-prone, repetitive, manual tasks, and accelerate application delivery, scale effectively and save costs.”
“The strong focus on automation is an important differentiator for the solution [which] has been field tested in some of the most diverse and complex IT environments around the world” including leaders in banking, financial services, telecoms, transportation and public sectors.
XL Platform combines deployment, environment provisioning, Agile test management and enterprise release management for DevOps and Continuous Delivery to reduce application delivery costs, accelerate application time to market, and bridge the gap between development and operations.
Writes Singh: “XL Platform provides organizations with the components they need to build a complete delivery automation platform.”
With recent acquisitions by IBM and CA in our space demonstrating the importance of offering CD technology, XebiaLabs is in prime position as the leading innovator in a field otherwise occupied by slow-moving companies.
“Overall, in Ovum’s view, XebiaLabs has a credible offering, and deserves to be on the radar of organizations looking to invest in tooling for DevOps and Continuous Delivery.”To access the full report, please click here

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