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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 03, 2019 — DevOps Expert

Announcing XL JetPack: Deploy Applications to the Cloud in Under 15 Minutes


Enterprises across all industries are attracted to the cloud for its potential to help them cut costs and deliver value faster. But those doing the hands-on work of migrating apps to the cloud know the roadblocks well:

  • Time wasted writing scripts to configure infrastructure and connect pipelines
  • Missed compliance and security requirements as delivery accelerates
  • Lack of cloud expertise on their teams
XebiaLabs has pioneered release orchestration and deployment automation for DevOps and Continuous Delivery across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud environments. Now we’ve wrapped up our best practices and tools into one convenient package—XL JetPack—so you can launch successful, efficient, automated cloud deployments in just 15 minutes or less!

Check in Your Code and Fly

XL JetPack is the only cloud tool to offer the comprehensive release orchestration and deployment automation needed to migrate apps to Production in the cloud at rapid speed. With XL JetPack, developers, cloud architects, and others get everything they need to push their apps to Production in the cloud, with all the correct settings, best-practices, and built-in governance—all in under 15 minutes. XL JetPack’s cloud-centric foundation lets teams:Push their apps to Production in the cloud in minutes. Automate the most complex pipelines and deployments through easy-to-use declarative DSL—no low-level scripting. It’s just YAML.Unify mission control with release orchestration. Ensure that every step of a release happens in the right order, with the right information propagated to the right places.Establish an easily repeatable process for multi-cloud deployment automation. Follow a tested, repeatable process to deploy apps from Dev to Test to UAT to Production environments on any platform, on any cloud, whether Amazon, Google, or Azure.Go fast with best-practice blueprints. Blueprints are safe, secure, immediately-usable release templates and deployment plans for cloud-based resources, such as Amazon ECS and EKS. Get best-practice scaffolding, correct cloud configurations, proven reusable processes, and inter-tool coordination, all ready to go. Easily version and share your apps and reuse delivery pipelines.Control the launch from the command line. Manage releases in a few keystrokes: invoke blueprints, start releases and deployments, and import and export configurations, release templates, and deployment information for fast spin-up of complete release pipelines and cloud deployments.Get hands-free connected pipelines. Work with your favorite tools like Jenkins, Ansible, and AWS CloudFormation, and link your pipelines all the way to Production—without scripting.Collaborate with pipeline views and give visibility to all. Release flow, release relationship, and risk views make it easy for teams to follow release, task, and deployment status. Automatic risk scoring, built-in alerts, and built-in approvals and gates help teams quickly spot problems and ensure everyone sees what they need at exactly the right time.Monitor launches with comprehensive dashboards. Purpose-built and customizable dashboards based on real data highlight performance, deployment activity, environment status, and security and test coverage, so teams can launch safely, monitor trends, and continuously improve.Get built-in compliance, security, and, audit tracking. Includes full chain-of-custody reporting without extra coding or meetings, and ensures that the right governance processes and security steps are followed, whether for cloud deployments, hybrid, or on-prem. Plus, everything is logged in a form that’s easy for audit and compliance teams to use directly.
According to one XebiaLabs customer, a large, global insurance company: “As we moved apps to the cloud, we hit a wall because of the complexities of cloud deployments and the lack of cloud skills on our development teams. XebiaLabs has given us a core foundation that makes cloud migration painless for developers who just want to build apps and not have to deal with all the configurations, compliance, and other details involved in getting them onto the cloud.”

Easy to Try and Buy

Try XL JetPack for free, and see how fast and secure moving apps to the cloud can be.XL JetPack is available for purchase at $499 per month for a 10-user development team.

Try XL JetPack for Free!

Try the tool Development teams need to accelerate deployments to AWS, Azure, and Google Clouds!

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