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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jun 18, 2013 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Apache Subversion 1.8.0 Released

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The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) today announced the release of Apache™ Subversion® 1.8.0, which is the culmination of many months of design and development effort by a medium-sized team of committers scattered globally.  As a CollabNet employee with over twelve years invested into the Subversion project myself, milestones such as this in the life of the project that CollabNet originally launched and in which myself and several of my CollabNet colleagues continue to contribute are always neat to witness.  For those of us who’ve been working daily on the stabilization of the release — fixing minor buglets, reviewing the fixes made by others, analyzing and documenting the API changes made to the software since the last major release, composing release notes, updating issue tracker items, and so on — we can now breath a collective sign of relief that those efforts have paid off.

Of course, that relaxed feeling doesn’t last long. because now there’s a whole world to tell!

My colleague Bob Jenkins will join me this Thursday (June 20, 2013) in presenting a free webinar focused on what’s new in the Apache Subversion 1.8.0 release.  In this webinar, I’ll cover the most noteworthy enhancements that Subversion 1.8.0 brings to users and administrators alike, highlight things you’ll want to consider when making the decision to upgrade to the new release, and opine just a bit about some trends I see in the project itself.  If you have an hour to devote to this topic, please join us.  You can register for the webinar here:

Additionally, I and other CollabNet Subversion developers will be sharing more in-depth information about the release’s features by way of blog posts over the course of the next few weeks.  So, watch this space for more Subversion 1.8 information!  (And while you wait, check out a post I already published which talks about some performance enhancements for Subversion’s HTTP communications layer that I made and which were released as part of Subversion 1.8 today, too.)

To my fellow Subversion developers — many of whom I had the great joy of seeing in person last week in Berlin — I offer congratulations.  Thanks for helping to carry the (void *)baton, and I look forward to pressing toward the 1.9.0 milestone with you.


* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

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