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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 17, 2015 — App Management expert

Apperian Enables a New, Highly-Secure Tablet with IBM, Secusmart, and Samsung

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We’re really excited to see that this weekend’s unveiling of the highly secured tablet, SecuTABLET at CeBIT is gaining so much attention!

The solution, which was made possible through our partnership with IBM and Secusmart (a Blackberry subsidiary focused on digital security), was described on Bloomberg as being able to “spy-proof” Samsung tablets. The SecuTABLET is a highly secure tablet and mobile app solution based on the commercially available Samsung Tab S 10.5 hardware. This is an important advancement for customers with government-grade data security requirements for mobile devices. For the first time, a solution with a flexible, modular approach can utilize off-the-shelf, readily available hardware and mobile apps, eliminating the concern of proprietary hardware and software lock in.

As Tony Rizzo, Entrepreneur in Residence at Blue Hill Research explained, Apperian's dynamic app wrapping policies play an important role in the solution, tying together Secusmart's 2-factor authentication technology with available 3rd-party apps, such as IBM Connections, to create a “trusted app space” that provides data-in-motion, data-at-rest and data-in-use security. It's great to see federal, state and local agencies and large enterprises have new options for securely enabling their users to take advantage of the transformative potential of mobility and without requiring user devices to be managed with mobile device management (MDM) software.

Our joint solution instead places fine-grained management and security at the app-level. “As work processes in government and highly regulated industries are increasingly made mobile, there is a very real concern about maintaining a secure chain of communication across network, hardware, and software,” said Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility at 451 Research. “To meet advanced persistent threats that are increasingly the norm, consumer devices paired with enterprise management and security tools may not make the grade, necessitating an out of the box, integrated offering that provides security for mobile data, device and app security, as well as multi-factor authentication.”

Eric Klein of VDC Research also commented on the news saying that the SecuTABLET is "one of the most secure tablets to enter the market in an era where concerns around data leakage and breaches continue to grow". Klein further explains that considering our role in the solution, Apperian's app management "has proven itself to be best-in-class and speaks to the firm's strength in the MAM category". We’re thrilled to be partnered with such leading firms and we’re honored that they’ve found our approach to mobile application management (MAM®) the most superior technology available in the industry. Read the full press release here:

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