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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 05, 2014 — DevOps Expert

Automated Software Delivery = $100K Per Day


Many of our customers have successfully automated their software delivery process to improve DevOps and keep pace with business demands. A great example we particularly like to point to is a satellite imagery firm that started delivering application updates sooner and then realized a return of $100,000 per release day!

This particular organization is a publicly-traded U.S. company and a leading provider of government and commercial geospatial solutions. They have hundreds of in-house and customer-facing applications written in various languages and frameworks by more than 100 developers around the world. They use the Agile methodology and typically go through two-week sprints—with twice-a-week deployments to test, once-a-week production, once-a-month major updates and once-a-quarter major releases. They decided to pursue the continuous delivery method after experiencing very long delays between new ideas and application realization. Development had turned into a manually-intensive process, and extended deployment timelines of many days were common. Unreliable deployments often led to unstable rebuilds The client first proceeded with a continuous delivery solution based on the Jenkins integration tool. They then spent 13 months developing a solution that ultimately did not meet expectations. This prompted the deployment team to turn to XL Deploy, our agentless deployment automation solution. What key features do they like best about XL Deploy? No agents to install on target servers, and the extensibility of the deployment model. They also appreciate the self-service user-interface as well as the reporting capabilities that give them visibility into the status of each development effort. The continuous delivery initiative around XL Deploy began with a pilot project focused on a customer-facing program. They soon discovered XL Deploy gave them the flexibility, ease-of-use and powerful automation they needed to advance their Agile methodology. After using XL Deploy for just a few months, the company achieved a staggering ROI of up to $100,000 per release day and reduced deployment times by multiple days. They also vastly improved the reliability and quality of the deployments—eliminating deployment-related downtime. Additional benefits XL Deploy enabled included a standardized process for automating software deployment and integration with other best-of-breed applications that created a more robust continuous development platform. This case study clearly illustrates just how valuable it is to accelerate the deployment of application updates. Whether it allows your company to generate revenue faster, improve customer service or streamline business processes, the pay-off is huge. Automating continuous development also enables your developers to focus more of their time on building software with greater business value. To read the case study, please click here.

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