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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2013 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Become anti/corrupt in a new Implementing Domain/Driven Design book study group

Enterprise Agile Planning

Are you or your software systems corrupt?

You'll be able to make a confident assessment after you learn about implementing the Anti/Corruption Layer pattern and a whole lot more in a new book study group on Implementing Domain/Driven Design!

Book details

Written by DDD community leader Vaughn Vernon, the book covers:
  • Getting started the right way with DDD, so you can rapidly gain value from it Using DDD within diverse architectures, including Hexagonal, SOA, REST, CQRS, Event/Driven, and Fabric/Grid/Based
  • Appropriately designing and applying Entities–and learning when to use Value Objects instead
  • Mastering DDD’s powerful new Domain Events technique
  • Designing Repositories for ORM, NoSQL, and other databases

Get started!

This study group is sponsored by VersionOne and is facilitated by the Atlanta ALT.NET Meetup Group. Atlanta area participants are invited to meet in person at the Atlanta VersionOne offices for presentation sessions, and up the street at Manuel's Tavern for food, drink, and socializing afterwards. Remote participants can join us over GoToMeeting for the presentation sessions and discussion. Volunteers are needed to help author and give presentations to summarize the chapters. As a sponsor, VersionOne will purchase you a bound or electronic copy of the book if you volunteer to help with this task.

Head over to the ATL ALT.NET Meetup page to RSVP!

Wait a second, I'm not corrupt, am I?

Questioning yourself? Then first read my post The importance of Thinking Inside the Box illustrated in new book: Implementing Domain/Driven Design for my summary of the book and of an earlier presentation by Vaughn from QCon 2010.

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