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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 05, 2018 — DevOps Expert

Bring DevOps to Every Role with the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform


  • Organizational culture and leadership buy-in are vital for DevOps success.
  • People across the enterprise who are involved in the software delivery process need to have visibility into the DevOps pipeline.
  • XebiaLabs brings the benefits of DevOps to everyone, from executives to Release Managers to DevOps team members.
As DevOps principles have gained widespread popularity across industries, it has become more and more clear that company culture plays a vital role in an organization’s success with following DevOps practices. Achieving goals such as delivering features to users faster, reducing application downtime, and continuously improving software delivery processes requires a culture of innovation, as well as buy-in from teams and leadership. But once everyone buys in to DevOps, what’s next? After everyone agrees that “DevOps is a Good Thing,” the next challenge is ensuring that everyone benefits from practicing it. At XebiaLabs, we’ve designed a platform that brings the benefits of DevOps to everyone in the enterprise: from those who are traditionally DevOps participants—developers and system administrators—to those who play other roles in the software delivery process, such as QA Testers, Release Managers, Product Owners, and more. Check out these videos to see how the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform brings DevOps to different roles in the organization.

The DevOps Executive

DevOps executives want to track how their teams are doing as they progress toward their digital transformation goals. They also need to demonstrate the results and ROI of their DevOps initiatives to business stakeholders throughout the organization. XebiaLabs offers predesigned, goal-based KPIs that demonstrate fundamental DevOps impact. By combining proven best practices with machine-learning-based analysis of data from across the software delivery pipeline, the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform helps DevOps Executives guide teams to improve their DevOps maturity and optimize their release and deployment processes.

The Release Manager

Release Managers who are responsible for many releases at any given time need a holistic view of what’s happening across domains, projects, and teams. They also want to know as early as possible when releases are at risk of failure. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides Release Managers with an overview of releases that are active now and those that are coming up soon. Thanks to automatic risk analysis, proactive notifications, and detailed historical data, Release Managers can stay on top of release status and help DevOps teams to optimize their software delivery pipelines for future releases.

The IT Manager’s Guide to DevOps: How to Drive the Business Value of Software Delivery

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The DevOps Team Member

Members of DevOps teams want to implement a high degree of automation in the software release pipeline. As they commit code and merge feature branches in source control management, they need build, test, compliance, and deployment processes to start automatically. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform includes powerful integrations that support automation of the software delivery process from code all the way to Production. With XebiaLabs, DevOps team members can build reusable release templates and ensure that best practices and advanced deployment strategies are applied consistently to every release. Plus, XebiaLabs’ declarative deployment model ensures that teams don’t have to write complicated scripts or build step-by-step deployment flows that don’t scale.

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