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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 27, 2015 — DevOps Expert

Can We Make Ordering Features as Easy as Ordering Pizza?


On January 20th 2015 at the CD NYC Meetup, Andrew Phillips asks the question: "Can we make ordering features as easy as ordering pizza?" This Meetup was sponsored by Betterment and hosted by XebiaLabs' Andrew Phillips.

The “default” CD discussion today is usually about defining pipelines, automating deployment and provisioning etc., etc. That’s all very useful and important, but ultimately, er, boring. To me, CD isn’t interesting because it allows us to spend time wiring together a bunch of cool tools. CD is important because it can finally make the delivery of IT services the kind of modern-day process that we ourselves expect in our daily lives! Why should ordering a piece of software be different from ordering a book on Amazon? Let’s talk about how Continuous Delivery can make that happen. The slide deck from the entire presentation can be found here: Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.18.09 AM

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