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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 09, 2009 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Cloud-Based Version Control Gets Serious

Enterprise Agile Planning

In March 2008, Codesion released the new FrogSAFE Platform– which has been re-architected to deliver Enterprise-class Subversion and integrated tools in a secure cloud-based environment.

This week, we are announcing the second phase of our Enterprise expansion strategy by releasing Codesion Professional Edition. Designed for companies doing mission-critical development using Codesion, Professional Edition allows customers to leverage cloud-based services, best practices, and best-of-breed open source in implementing their source code management system. 

Enterprise-class reliability. All Codesion Professional Edition customers are covered by our 99.9% Uptime SLA, backed by 24×7 emergency support. Automatic server monitoring and experienced engineers (based in the US, Europe, India, and Australia) help guard against downtime. Instant-chat support, available through the VIP Room inCodesion Support, offers direct access in case of emergency. And…all technical staff are full-time employees, bound by Confidentiality Agreements and a positive working environment, to ensure the security of customer code.

Enterprise-class security. Codesion Professional Edition exclusive security features include IP-based access restrictions (IP Whitelists), and Organization-wide roles-based permissions management.

Using the Roles-Based Permissions System, for the first time you to quickly and easily control organization-wide security from our web-based app. You can:

  • Control user or group-based permissions to all Codesion-hosted apps- Subversion, CVS, Trac, Bugzilla- from our GuardFrog interface. No more fiddling with Trac’s obscure interface!
  • Create unlimited roles (such as “Project Manager”, “Developer”, or “Collaborator), so that you can quickly add new users and ensure that they fit with pre-defined permissions profiles
  • Scale your team easily with role heritability that conform to the hierarchy in which they are located. This means that can create a “Manager” role, for example, that has different permissions at the Project Level than at the Account level

Disaster Recovery.  Codesion Professional Edition includes a multi-tiered backup and recovery system that offers over-the-top redundancy schemes. System highlights include:

  • New! Push Backup system, which permits daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled backups pushed to your server of choice
  • Flexibility to push backups using SFTP, rsync, svnsync, Amazon EC2, depending on your preferences and repository size
  • On-Demand access to daily repository compiles (dump files) for the past 100-days
  • Data storage and backups taken in offsite SAS-70 compliant datacenters, and prioritized technical support resources in case of emergency

A Note About Pricing

Having served over 60,000 users since 2002, Codesion has deep experience in delivering secure CVS and SVN hosting services to small teams through to 600+ user organizations.

Professional Edition caters to an emerging segment of software, consulting, and design companies who regularly use SaaS products (e.g. Salesforce, Google Apps, billing) to run their businesses. They often only have five to 50 employees, but require an Enterprise-class level of service, including SLAs and reliability guarantees, branding flexibility, live support, as well as a more custom service such LDAP authentication integration.

Industry reflections

Jason Seed (CEO) recently noted that in launching Professional Edition, we are “not forgetting the Dudes.” This is an important message. We recently surpassed 3,000 customers, and are thankful to have played a role in the rapidly-matured Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. The availability of cloud-based services like Google Apps, Salesforce, and Codesion is helping this new generation of internet-based companies get up to speed without thehuge upfront costs and capital requirements of an earlier generation of startups.

We are now seeing return customers who are using Codesion in their second or third companies. For example, David Barret, CEO of Silicon Valley-based Expensify (“Expense reports that don’t suck!”) recently told me that Codesion is the “first name” that he turns to for version control, after having used it in previously startups, the service has only gotten better.

And it is not uncommon to attend to industry events or universities in the US, Australia, or Europe, and bump in Codesion developers. 2010 will be the year of building on this web of history- through  online knowledge sharing, summits & meetings, webinars, and of course, many many new features on our FrogSAFE Platform. What would you like to see next?

Please add comments or thoughts below.

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