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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jul 30, 2012 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Codesion is Now CloudForge

Enterprise Agile Planning

Today, after beta-testing since April, we are delighted to release CloudForge, CollabNet’s new development Platform as a Service (dPaaS)., our cloud hosting platform, will now redirect to Soon, we will be retire the legacy application itself, so that existing customers can enjoy the power and ease of use of CloudForge. In the mean time, Codesion customers can manage your projects and accounts from either Codesion or CloudForge.

Consumer-Like User Experience

CloudForge brings you control and a consumer-like user experience. Development and ops teams alike can easily migrate projects and data to the cloud, and deploy to your PaaS or datacenter. Administrators gain a single-pane view of cloud resource consumption, activity and project progress, and critical data needed to manage team-based development.

Visibility into your development projects

You get freedom of choice – use Subversion or Git (contrary to what some believe, Git is poised to augment, not replace Subversion in the enterprise). Choose hosted versions of well-established, best-of-breed tools for agile development, including Trac, Bugzilla, or CollabNet’s TeamForge Project.

Git or Subversion

CollabNet is all about openness and integration. CloudForge allows development owners to leverage and augment existing software and infrastructure investments, while still enjoying the benefits of centralized access control, a powerful community framework architecture, and a “meta platform of truth.”  CloudForge makes it easy to integrate all your development tools, for example with prior installations of JIRA, Rally Software, Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp, and integrating into the development workflow.

Integrate with your existing development Tools

CloudForge is Enterprise grade. Our scalable project architecture makes it easy to set up and manage development projects for your clients, teams, or vendors. Create project workspaces, manage agile development, then define roles, permissions, delegated administrators, and branding to scale development within your organization.

CloudForge Enterprise Grade Roles and permissions

CloudForge is Hybrid Cloud. CloudForge is the fabric that is integrating CollabNet’s on-premise and cloud tools, plus the millions of users in our community. It brings Enterprise cloud services to on-premise ALM – for example, over 100 companies now back up their critical source code to CloudForge via the Cloud Backup service built into Subversion Edge (think Dropbox for Enterprise Subversion).

Subversion Backups to the CloudSubversion Cloud Backups Restore

In addition, today CloudForge is powering development tools and services in a number of our partner sites, for example CloudBees and Elance.

We hope you enjoy CollabNet’s newest cloud platform – the Cloud team has been hard at work developing since late 2011, and we are excited to finally deploy live to the world! Please feel free to take a moment and share with us your thoughts, comments, or suggestions below.

Why not take a look for yourself?  We have a free, fully functional, 30 Day Trial trial available!

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