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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

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CollabNet Acquires Codesion: Scalable Agile in the Cloud

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By Bill Portelli, CEO, CollabNet, Inc.

Today CollabNet announced our acquisition of Codesion,Inc. (formerly CVSDude), which provides the world’s leading enterprise-grade Subversion hosting platform and serves more than 3,400 customers and 70,000 users in 90 countries.Codesion’s best-in-class provisioning technology delivers Subversion, Git, and other applications as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, helping developers to code, connect, and deploy in the Cloud with a few clicks of the button – it’s an instant-on cloud.CollabNet’s acquisition of Codesion is a natural fit for both companies. Codesion’s customers will be joining the largest and most vibrant hosted Subversion community in the world. 

Today, CollabNet hosts more than 3,250,000 Subversion users as part of its current enterprise Cloud services, provides more than 200 Subversion clients, servers, and plug-ins, delivers dozens of Subversion and Agile Web-based and instructor-led courses, and offers many other community-related services as part of its 600,000 member openCollabNet community.

This acquisition defines another major step for the market, and is recognized as such by industry experts such as Patrick Egan, Founder and publisher for CM Crossroads:

“Cloud Driven Agile Development Powered by CollabNet and Codesion  – Cloud driven development is rapidly becoming the hottest topic in the application development industry. Combine that with a strong sense of agile process and firm roots in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and you have a foundation for the next generation of development tools, processes and solutions.”

CollabNet founded the industry-leading Subversion open source project in 2000 and remains the project’s principal sponsor, while Codesion’s best-in-class provisioning technology has been delivering secure hosted Subversion since it was founded in 2002 by Mark Bathie. The acquisition marks a strategic move by CollabNet into cross-platform, Cloud-based developer services that provide a seamless hosting and upgrade path for developers and workgroups looking to get started fast with Subversion (i.e. select, provision, and purchase in seconds), with a simple upgrade path to a fully scalable agile ALM development tool for the enterprise in TeamForge over time – with backend publishing into deployment clouds.  We have already integrated “TeamForge-Project”, a multi-tenant version of TeamForge, into the Codesion Cloud Services platform, while CollabNet’s other tools, services and partner offerings will be integrated in the near future.

What does this all mean to you?  CollabNet will continue to offer its four main products:  CollabNet Subversion Edge, CollabNet TeamForge (with optional Lab Management), and ScrumWorks Pro.  Codesion will become the brand name for CollabNet’s cloud services offering – Codesion Cloud Services – and will provide a hosting platform to serve up Subversion Edge, TeamForge and ScrumWorks Pro.   Customers will continue to have the ability to buy one or all of these products as a hosted service in the Codesion cloud.  For those enterprises that prefer to continue to host these products in their own datacenter or private cloud, those options are still available.

Codesion clients will now have access to ScrumWorks, CollabNet’s leading Scrum project management tool, and an impressive team of certified Scrum trainers through our ScrumCore offerings, and of course, will also now have accesses to the most concentrated pool of Subversion core developers and certified training courses in the world.  Codesion users will also immediately have additional options to an expanded set of global support offerings, as their teams grow in size and scale.

CollabNet is thrilled to welcome Mark, Guy Marion (Codesion’s CEO), and their visionary team to the CollabNet family.  As two separate companies, we had shared a similar view on the industry movement towards scalable agile, build/test clouds, and dev/ops collaboration – all are naturals for a hosted offering of remotely accessible centralized services.  As important, was our mutual focus on open architecture, tools, and processes.  Both companies will continue to support heterogeneous development environments with open integrations to other popular point tools, and will also allow you to work with your development technologies and methods of choice, whether waterfall, iterative, or Agile.  Now, we can also offer usersa range of options – from Subversion and other related open source points tools to a fully traceable and scalable agile ALM platform as their business and technology needs evolve.

A webinar discussing the Codesion acquisition and the resulting impact on software development in the Cloud will be broadcast live at 10:00 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, Oct. 20.  Register for free here.  The webinar will also be archived for later viewing.  Get more information on Codesion Cloud Service offerings.

I hope our enthusiasm and optimism about the future of Agile ALM in the Cloud energizes and inspires you. As CollabNet leads the way in this space with you alongside, we value your feedback and input in order to improve our products and help you succeed. I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and questions.

About the Author

Bill Portelli is CEO and cofounder of CollabNet, the leading provider of Agile Application Lifecycle Management (Agile ALM) solutions. His background includes 30 years of experience in engineering, business, and overall executive management. Just prior to CollabNet, Bill was Senior VP and GM of Cadence Design Systems’ global consulting business as well as its Custom Integrated Circuits tools business unit. Since starting CollabNet, Bill and his team have led the Company to the industry leadership position in providing enterprise solutions for collaborative and distributed agile software development.

Involved with open source since the late ’90s, Bill conceived of and led CollabNet’s efforts to extend the best practices of open source software development into a codified set of tools, software development processes, and community best practices to enable industry-changing cost and productivity gains for commercial organizations around the globe.


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