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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 30, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

CollabNet Connect™ is Available, Brings Git to the Enterprise

Enterprise Agile Planning

The news is out: CollabNet launches CollabNet Connect™, a new integration framework for TeamForge (and soon all CollabNet products). With CollabNet Connect, available via federation option (CollabNet Connect /link) or synchronization option (CollabNet Connect /sync), in conjunction with TeamForge customers now can innovate their software development- and delivery processes, utilizing their preferred point tools, with central management and governance. As companies realize the need to transform into agile organizations using concepts such as DevOps and cloud development, they cannot do without cloud based software delivery platforms that enforce corporate standards and foster IP reuse, while providing the flexibility and cost-effectiveness demanded by today’s volatile markets and tool realities. TeamForge with CollabNet Connect is the only platform on the market addressing that need. It already today integrates with dozens of ALM tools, including HP-QC, JIRA, Hudson or Jenkins.

And that’s not all. CollabNet now also enables Git for the Enterprise. There are various reasons why users may want to deploy Git (often, in addition to Subversion), such as mandates by mobile development platforms (Android) or simply developer preferences. However, FT2000 companies have been hesitant to embrace Git due to concerns over compliance or security, hence missing out on competitiveness or harboring shadow IT (or both). To quote Gartner (2011): “The adoption of DVCS has accelerated in small teams, but is moving more slowly in enterprise settings.” Since today, there is a solution for those companies. CollabNet, the founder of the Subversion project, now is also the company that brings governance, security and traceability to Git based development. And just in case you’re asking.. No we are not stepping away from Subversion, not even an inch. Subversion and Git, we love them both!

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