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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 09, 2017 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

CollabNet Expands—Great News for Customers

Enterprise Agile Planning

We are pioneering the next chapter in the evolution of software development solutions. The recent expansion of CollabNet through the merger of CollabNet and VersionOne ushers in new possibilities for our customers to develop high-quality software that is tightly aligned to their organizations’ overall success.

The expanded CollabNet holds value and promise for customers because it brings together technical visionary excellence, market leadership, and strong IP and product portfolios, and folds all of that into an entity that is focused and dedicated to enterprise scale Agile, version control, ALM collaboration and DevOps – the new CollabNet.

I am pleased to share that the freshly minted CollabNet is already working on our vision to offer organizations and practitioners alike the most open, flexible approaches to enterprise software delivery available anywhere.

Our vision will be delivered through a flexible unified platform that can embrace all methods used to build and deploy great software – Agile, DevOps, cloud, open source and even traditional approaches, like waterfall. The concepts of collaboration, transparency and visibility, as well as smooth processes, and automation will continue to be intrinsic to our solutions and developed to deliver further value to customers.

Both CollabNet and VersionOne have been helping enterprises build great software at speed and scale for 15 years. This union marks the continued evolution of a movement that started at the grassroots level – Agile software development.

And it also marks growth and enterprise level interest and commitment to DevOps.  Both practices required a connected yet open approach in order to improve and expedite the ways and means of software development practices.

Our vision takes that heritage forward to new levels. It addresses the realities of today’s software environment. CollabNet has always offered developers the ways and means to work how they want, with the tools they prefer. It’s in our very DNA – we know open source, and we know ALM – to the tune of a single enterprise customer with more than 80,000 users.

Now, by strengthening our portfolio with the VersionOne solutions we are able to unify and place best-of-breed technology at the fingertips of developers working anywhere across the entire delivery lifecycle. And we can do that in a manner that makes processes smoother and supports their roles and their organization’s overall market objectives. Better yet, going forward we’ll make it even easier for customers to place the focus on timely, quality software that serves the enterprise and customer.

Merger Supports Major Developer Trends

Solutions to Support Key Developer Trends

The merger with VersionOne is exciting for all of us who have worked hard over the years to advance the art and science of software delivery. Now, with a bright new chapter ahead of us, we are prepared to play an even more strategic and powerful role in defining new ways organizations can use technology to innovate.

More importantly, I’m excited for all of our customers and the people that use our tools and platforms. We welcome everyone to the newly expanded CollabNet and invite you to be a part of our vibrant community dedicated to software excellence.

Stay tuned!

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