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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Mar 14, 2017 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

CollabNet Introduces New Version of TeamForge: Expedite and Improve Software Development Across the Enterprise

Enterprise Agile Planning

CollabNet is pleased to announce the latest version of TeamForge, which takes enterprise software development to a whole new level of quality and speed.

CollabNet continues to evolve its solutions to support modern software delivery in which visibility and collaboration are vital to both Agile and DevOps initiatives.

In fact, this version of TeamForge brings even more visibility for project management and makes it easier to change and update information. These are key capabilities for gaining context into what’s occurring in today’s complex environments. The platform also eliminates bottlenecks and delays in key reporting and security steps.

All of the capabilities inherent in TeamForge help increase efficiency and collaboration. They also advance the entire organization by helping users scale the adoption of Agile principles across the enterprise and bring in a wider range of stakeholders from planning and development to deployment and business leads. As organizations become more Agile, their software development becomes more efficient and effective.

TeamForge has always represented the most open and collaborative application lifecycle management (ALM) platform in the industry. It has helped thousands of heterogeneous and distributed businesses and government organizations develop software collaboratively by connecting teams, people, and processes.

TeamForge’s magic is its ability to support both individual and team requirements (a mashup of tools and processes), while providing complete visibility and traceability across the entire software development lifecycle. Many companies aspire to deliver on this promise, but these principles have been and will always be part of the core DNA that make up TeamForge.

Flint Brenton, our CEO, had this to say about the updated TeamForge and what it means for customers:

“We take much of the pain out of turning your ideas into software that helps your organization adapt, grow, and transform. Our solutions help customers get better business outcomes. With each new release, we make software development better, faster, and easier. We increase collaboration and visibility across teams and processes. You can even keep whatever tools you’re using today – we help you get more out of those investments.”

Here are some more details on what TeamForge 17.1 includes:

  • Greater ease-of-use and speed through:
    • A redesigned My Workspace, the project-management overview dashboard, including new options for organization/classification and enhanced search.
    • In-line editing options in the Code Browser.
    • Ability to group related/connected code changes together.
    • More powerful code-search functions.
  • Better decision making through:
    • New reporting capabilities to support business initiatives and other stakeholder requirements.
  • Enhanced security and compliance through:
    • Cross-validation with CollabNet EventQ for meeting security and compliance standards.

To learn more about TeamForge and how it can help your organization scale Agile and transform software development into a great asset for the business, please visit

To read the full news announcement on TeamForge 17.1, please visit

To view the latest TeamForge webinar and learn more about the new version’s features and functions, please visit

TeamForge is increasingly vital to modern software delivery, and we’re passionate about bringing to customers new functionality that meets today’s most pressing challenges!

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