Welcome to the Jungle – Introducing Digital.ai’s latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform: Corbett Release!

Digital.ai is thrilled to announce our latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform: Corbett Release! This new version of our release allows you to strengthen your software delivery and shift security left with additional DevSecOps capabilities, deliver more secure and higher quality applications that your customers trust, and boost intelligence with enhanced AI-augmented software delivery capabilities across the entire platform.

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Designed to further help companies accelerate digital transformation, our latest release offers new functionalities, intelligence, and integrations across our platform as well as our Agility, Application Security, Continuous Testing, Release, and Deploy solutions.


  • Intelligence Software Delivery Lenses: We’re taking our Intelligence product to the next level with new persona-based analytics incorporated into each of our products with insight-driven data that give users an enhanced view across the application development pipeline so they can proactively address any potential issues that arise, manage teams and their deliverables better, and reduce re-work costs.
  • Services Offerings – Designated Engineers: Close your skills gap with trained Digital.ai consultants including a Designated DevOps Engineer, Designated Test Automation Engineer, Designated Security Engineer, and Designated Intelligence Architect that helps you implement and support your solutions efficiently, shorten time to implementation, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • Digital.ai Community: Users of Digital.ai products can join with their Digital.ai identity and enjoy the Community’s newest features like a more focused, optimized UX across pages & content categories; product pages including FAQs, newest/trending conversations, and events; and expanded search capability that includes support article results across our support knowledge base. Still not a member? Sign up here!


  • Portfolio Teams Forecasting: The Portfolio Team Forecasting board helps product owners and program managers to understand the planned capacity versus target team capacity and then plan their work accordingly. It provides an entirely new view of portfolio items grouped by target team by displaying the overall capacity for the target team for each given time period and overall for all the time periods displayed.
  • TeamRoom Calendar: Effectively balance capacity with team availability with the TeamRoom Calendar. It enables individuals to enter their own PTO, localizes time zones for global teams, supports single and multi-day events, and provides full visibility into team availability in a panel of a TeamRoom. By understanding individual and overall team availability, the business will realize better accuracy in overall capacity planning.
  • Onboarding User Journeys: The Agility team implemented Workflows/User Journeys in the form of Metro maps that display lists of topics as interactive maps, designed to show the journey that a user must complete to accomplish a larger goal. You can choose how you want to use the metro maps; you can navigate through the journey in a sequential manner, or you can skip to sections that are of more interest to you.
  • Scrum Master & DevOps Manager Dashboards: Measure and track what matters most to your Scrum Masters and DevOps Managers with Persona-Based Analytics. This powerful tool offers insight into development progress across multiple releases to identify any bottlenecks in the process. Historical comparisons help streamline the agile process, prioritize features, and prevent delays.

Application Security

  • Integrate Application Security with Release: Ensure applications are protected before they are released with Digital.ai Release orchestration that includes both a check box that shows whether the mobile app has been protected and a graded list of which protections have been successfully applied.
  • Faster Implementation of Protections: This launch features improved protection techniques to accelerate customer protection times by 2X, 5X, and even 20X. This permits protection engineers to do more iterations of security enhancements and performance tuning to create better and more secure apps.
  • Improved Jailbreak Bypass Detection: Digital.ai App Sec has responded to the latest evolution in detection bypass techniques with the ability to detect the newest bypasses, allowing you to frustrate more attackers by preventing more jailbreaks.
  • New Obfuscation Techniques: Evolve obfuscations faster than the most advanced threat actors by employing new string encryption obfuscations and enabling new control flow obfuscations.

Continuous Testing

  • Test Manager: Save time by eliminating the need to rebuild tests, increase collaboration between team members, and scale by expanding test management to non-technical personas with a central database of tests shared by all project members.
  • Performance Transaction Report Enhancement: Add a stream of data points to illustrate how application performance changed during the test, provide context to users to better analyze actions within a specific performance transaction, and make more informed decisions within the application flow using the information gathered. The performance data stream is now captured in data points and later displayed to the user, allowing them to see how the performance of their application changed over the duration of the test itself.
  • Community Code Snippets: Utilize pre-made code projects that implement popular testing frameworks with Continuous Testing. It helps increase the selection of sample projects for different testing frameworks from the basic examples currently available. Users can now start working with CT right away without having to start from scratch, reducing onboarding times while increasing product value faster.

Release and Deploy

  • Integration Framework – New SDK: Seamlessly scale integration execution across the enterprise by leveraging the power of Kubernetes. Quickly build integrations using your preferred language (Python, Go, or others) with an open SDK that lets you use any platform or third-party SDK.
  • Self-Service Workflows to Onboard New Apps: Enable efficient deployment of modern apps at scale by rapidly onboarding Cloud-Native teams for a consistent process, fewer mistakes, and better compliance. Unlock powerful automation for your dev teams by having a guided step-by-step workflow asking you what you want to do, and then have the tool create all the artifacts needed to orchestrate your release and deploy end-to-end.
  • Integrate Release with Application Security: Further connect the dots of DevSecOps by ensuring your applications are protected before they are even released. Our latest integration between our Application Security and Release products will include both a check box that shows whether the mobile app has been protected and a graded list of which protections have been successfully applied.
  • Release Manager & Platform Engineer Dashboards: Minimize risk by comparing release dependencies and avoid costly failures with new curated dashboards. Release Managers will be able to analyze release dependencies and success trends and identify why releases fail and possible risks. Platform Engineers will have insights to analyze a team’s performance and adoption rates and be able to identify areas for automation in the continuous delivery process.
  • Enhanced UX: Executing new tasks is made easy with real-time data exchange that gives developers the ability to simply execute tasks with a step-by-step workflow, track application versions across environments, and see a live-streaming log of the deployment from the Release product.

Stay Connected

With Corbett, customers get increased trust with secure, quality apps that they love, while strengthening their software delivery with DevSecOps and AI-augmented intelligence. These enhanced capabilities, along with additional serviceCorbett Release  offerings, are designed to help teams better harmonize their software delivery and accelerate digital transformation.

The path to achieving digital transformation may sometimes feel like you’re entering the jungle, but with the Corbett release, every organization will have a clear view in no time.


To learn more all about the Corbett Release’s newest features and offerings, check out our product broadcast videos:

Corbett Release

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