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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 10, 2017 — DevOps Expert

DevOps at NJM Insurance


Organizations across every industry are upgrading core technology platforms to accelerate software delivery. In addition, heavily regulated industries like Insurance demand strict practices to ensure compliance requirements are met. Delivering software to customers quickly while overcoming challenges presented by upgraded solutions is critical. Today, leading insurance providers such as NJM Insurance rely on software to manage the information of their policyholders… and their credibility and reputation are on the line if that software fails.

As NJM upgraded core technology platforms to stay competitive, they found their volume and cadence of work increasing. They quickly reached their limits as they tried to scale their entirely manual software deployment processes. NJM’s number of environments had increased to more than 100. At the same time, NJM experienced considerable growth in the number of deployments necessary (1,000+ per month, all handled manually). To deal with this rising complexity, NJM turned to DevOps, and they set their sights first on Deployment Automation.

The Solution

After analyzing several tools, NJM Insurance ultimately chose the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform to handle the increasing complexity in their deployment processes and environments. Within 6 months of adopting XL Deploy, they saw a staggering 30-50% increase in deployment speed. Their new automated deployments now take minutes instead of days. NJM was handling 1,000 deployments per month manually and has increased to more than 1,500 by automating with XL Deploy. At the same time, deployment reliability and standardization across environments increased substantially as well.  


Release Pipeline Orchestration 

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  “There is a lot more going on in the new world than the old world. We didn’t need another problem. We needed a solution, and that was the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform,” stated Vito Iannuzzelli, the Assistant VP of IT who was leading the DevOps charge at NJM. “I wanted to provide a single system of record of what happens from the minute we request a deployment until the minute it is completed—all in a repeatable way with visibility, control, and proper record keeping. With XL Deploy, we have introduced a highly visible, zero-touch process that is fully traceable and auditable.” [caption id="attachment_15173" align="aligncenter" width="1252"]Use XL Deploy to capture metrics, generate reports, and analyze their deployment processes. XL Deploy lets you capture metrics, generate reports, and analyze the deployment process so you can continuously improve.[/caption]

The Results

Why NJM chose XebiaLabs

  • Accelerated and automated software delivery
  • Reduced operational overhead – lower total cost of ownership
  • Streamlined end-to-end deployment
  • Enforce control and gain visibility to more easily meet audit and compliance requirements
  • Ease-of-use to enable self-service capabilities
  • Deployment flexibility (continuous, scheduled, self-service)
 “XebiaLabs filled a significant gap and enabled the need for consistent, reliable, and repeatable processes. The entire deployment process has become streamlined and automated, which reduces the impact on our team’s limited resources. XL Deploy provides easy access to the evidence required to satisfy audit controls as applications move from development through production. It ensures all steps are executed in the right order and tracked consistently.” With the future in mind, Vito and the NJM team are steering their focus towards their entire release pipeline. “We need a tool that automates our entire pipeline, not just deployments. XL Release from XebiaLabs provides end-to-end visibility, reporting, and control across all our tools. We expect XL Release to deliver the same benefits across the entire software release pipeline that we’ve seen for deployments from XL Deploy.” With the XL Release implementation about to begin, it will be the catalyst for ongoing success around software delivery, auditability and compliance at NJM. “As we continue to move applications to the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform, total cost of ownership continues to go down as productivity increases. If you’re looking to improve, accelerate and streamline your end-to-end software delivery—and enforce compliance steps in a repeatable, auditable process—you want XebiaLabs.” For more details on NJM’s story and results, you can read the full case study here.

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