is proud to announce that our Continuous Testing solution is the first in the market that supports testing on iOS 15 (Beta). Our iOS team worked around the clock to facilitate the support of iOS 15 (Beta), within 36 hours of its release. As a result, our customers can test their mobile applications on iOS 15 at their earliest convenience. 

Supporting new iOS versions as soon as they are released is a key capability that we have reinforced for many years and one that enables our customers to prepare their apps for the GA version, with plenty of time to spare.

Support for iOS 15 (beta) includes the following capabilities: 

  • Manual testing 
  • Appium test execution 
  • Appium test creation 
  • Mobile UX performance 
  • Mobile accessibility 

Here is what you should know about Apple’s iOS 15 (beta) release:

  • Notifications have been redesigned in iOS 15 — adding contact photos and larger icons for apps. To reduce distractions, the notification summary collects all notifications for delivery at an appropriate time and can arrange them by priority. 
  • Safari features a completely new design, whereby controls are easier to execute with one hand and enabling more focus on webpage content. Another new feature is the compact tab bar that floats across the bottom of the screen, so users can easily swipe between tabs. Tab Groups allow users to save tabs and easily access them at any time, across devices –with that, there are customizable start pages and web extensions, for the first time. 
  • The Weather app has been redesigned in iOS 15 — showing more graphical displays of weather data, including full-screen maps and dynamic layouts, that change based on weather conditions. The new animated backgrounds can accurately reflect the position of the sun and current precipitation, along with notifications that highlight when it begins to rain or snow. 

Below is the Continuous Testing cloud interface, showing an iOS 15 device available for manual interaction and automation capabilities. 


Here is a brief demo so that you can see it in action: Continuous Testing (formerly Experitest) was the first to support iOS 14 and we are already working hard to be the first to support iOS 15 GA. 

If you are a Continuous Testing customer and would like to try the new iOS 15 capabilities, please contact your success manager. Click here, to see a brief demo so that you can see it in action.   


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