We are proud to announce that Digital.ai Continuous Testing won a DevOps Dozen award as the Best Testing Service/Tool for 2022. The award, hosted by the Techstrong Group, recognizes companies that develop and deliver outstanding solutions to empower developers, DevOps, and IT operations teams. Now in their 8th year running, the DevOps Dozen awards have expanded in scope from honoring DevOps tools and services to also honoring exceptional leadership in the DevOps community.

DevOps Dozen Awards

The awards celebrate innovative individuals and companies that demonstrate their commitment to the overall DevOps community. The awards break down into two sections:

  • DevOps Dozen Community Awards: Celebrating organizations and leaders whose accomplishments have contributed to the DevOps community.
  • DevOps Dozen Tools and Services Awards: Vendor awards that recognize innovative companies selling amazing solutions that empower developers, DevOps, and IT operations teams.

Per Founder and CEO of Techstrong Alan Shimel, “The DevOps Dozen Awards acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding advancements our DevOps community has made throughout the past year. This recognition is a testament to the exceptional leadership, innovation, and hard work of the members of our community.”

Best Testing Service/Tool

Continuous Testing is an essential part of the DevOps toolchain. This award recognizes Digital.ai Continuous Testing as the best testing tool for ensuring code quality.

“Digital.ai has become a full-featured, end-to-end DevOps solution. They take home the award for best testing tool service this year and have a strong presence up and down the entire DevOps stack.”
– Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Used by four of the top ten banks, airlines, and auto manufacturers, Digital.ai Continuous Testing helps teams increase test coverage, test at scale and make data-driven decisions to deliver high-quality, error-free web and mobile apps. The solution provides continuous functional performance and accessibility testing for any scenario. Testing is executed on a wide range of devices and browsers running different operating systems for reduced fragmentation. All test executions are run from the same tool within the context of functional testing.

We are grateful for the recognition from Techstrong and the DevOps Dozen awards. Being named Best Testing Tool in a crowded market and with a company that only came together in the past three years, we see this as both validation and motivation. It is validating in the sense that we are proud of our innovations and growth so far, and it motivates us because we want to continue innovating and pushing our industry-leading web and mobile app testing solution forward!

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