Automated App Testing

Increase velocity, release quality, and streamline testing with an automated mobile/web app testing tool.

Streamline Testing Continuous Testing’s automated mobile/web app testing tool automates and streamlines test case creation with AI-powered capabilities. It helps promote Shift left methods by identifying and mitigating defects early in the SDLC and reduces risk with detailed, persona-based analytics.

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Automated Mobile/Web App Testing ensures high quality web and mobile applications released on time and at scale

Delight your users with flawlessly performing web and mobile applications by testing applications using an automated mobile/web testing tool that can integrate with any automated testing process.

Ensure Functionality

  • Boost web and mobile app compatibility by testing applications on a range of different devices, browsers and OSs
  • Provide great layouts and functionality by extending testing to different screen resolutions and sizes
  • Test all functionality to make sure it meets expected requirements
Ensure Functionality

Boost Performance and Accessibility

  • Use performance and load testing to make sure your web and mobile apps can handle heavy traffic and usage
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by meeting global usability standards with accessibility testing
  • Evaluate app performance under varying network conditions
Boost Performance and Accessibility

Make Data-Driven Decisions 

  • Correlate advanced analytics with build and release versions to increase visibility
  • Analyze the impact of failed tests and drill down into individual tests to examine root cause of failure
  • Examine quality results across device model, manufacturer, device type and screen size
Make Data-Driven Decisions 

Automated mobile/web app testing ensures that applications are functional, accessible, and perform well. Without testing, defects are released into production, leading to poor user experience, low ratings, and customer churn

Performance Testing

Assess the speed, responsiveness, and stability of your web and mobile applications under a workload.

Security Testing

Uncover vulnerabilities, threats, and risks in your web and mobile apps and prevent malicious attacks from bad actors.

Accessibility Testing

Make your web and mobile apps usable for differently abled people such as those with sight or hearing impairments.

Mobile Testing

Test mobile applications for quality, functionality performance and usability.

Integration Testing

Integrate software modules and test them as a group to expose interaction defects.

End-to-End Testing

Replicate real user scenarios, test an application’s workflow from start to finish, and validate its integration and data integrity.

Software Testing

Test your web or mobile application to ensure it matches the expected requirements and that all defects are discovered and eliminated.

Web Testing

Check your web application or website for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, and performance before going live to the public.

Automated Mobile/Web App Testing Tool

Automated web and mobile testing is a software testing process in which different development and operations aspects are automated. This includes testing, deployment, monitoring and optimization. Overall it gives developers the power to reduce repetitive manual tasks eliminate errors and increase web and mobile app delivery velocity.

The Importance of having an Automated Mobile/Web App Testing Tool

Businesses operating in the current digital landscape see their success affected by their ability to deliver high performing web and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. Manual testing is still considered a critical part of the process to ensure app quality but it is also time consuming and resource intensive. Automated mobile/web app testing tools are the next step for teams wanting to mature their software testing processes. These solutions enable organizations to streamline testing processes, optimize resource allocation, and deliver an exceptional UX.

What Automated Mobile/Web App Testing Tools Do

The power of these tools is that they are capable of mimicking real user interactions. This gives developers and testers the ability to:

Test different functionalities: Testers can navigate menus, enter data, and perform actions.

Go Beyond functionality: It is also important to examine application and device performance as well as test accessibility scenarios so no user is left behind.

Unearth defects: By simulating a variety of user scenarios automated testing tools discover defects and errors that might not be noticed in manual testing.

Generate reports: Once a test run is complete reports are generated to show any issues the test uncovered. This helps developers make fixes efficiently.

The benefits of Automated Mobile/Web App Testing Tools

These tools are an investment in efficiency, quality and speed. They empower enterprises to deliver their web and mobile apps faster while retaining a competitive edge. Benefits include:

Time and cost savings: Automating repetitive tasks helps free team resources and gives people the ability to focus on innovation.

Improved Quality: Covering a range of functionality and scenarios like performance and accessibility improves app reliability and makes them more robust.

Faster releases: With test automation defects are unearthed early in the development process. It makes fixing issues quicker and helps increase release velocity.

Consistent UX: Including a wide range of devices and browsers in testing helps make the experience smoother and more consistent across the board for all users.

Scalability: As apps grow testing must grow with it. Automated testing tools easily adapt to the needs of the organization as the app evolves.

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