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Last Updated Dec 01, 2014 — App Management expert

Enterprise Mobile Apps - Charge up your deployment

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A recent boom in enterprise app development means more companies than ever before are dipping their toes into the enterprise mobile space. For many, development is the simplest part of the process, and it is in the deployment and maintenance of enterprise mobile apps where most face their toughest challenge. When it comes to enterprise mobile applications, a well-crafted app deployment strategy is as important as the development of the app itself. Distribution, security, and management measures all work together to establish a stable infrastructure and encourage mobile app adoption.


The success of your enterprise mobile app deployment hinges on your distribution plan. By using mobile application management (MAM®) to distribute you can securely deploy your apps to 100% of your workforce, including part-time and remote employees as well as contractors, dealers, suppliers and partners, without requiring them to put a profile on their device. The beauty of  enterprise mobile apps is that they have limitless reach. Whether you operate in a specific region or have employees scattered around the world, your entire workforce can benefit from enterprise apps that make them more productive via their smartphones and tablets, regardless of whether they are in an office or on the go.


Of course, a major contingency for company-wide app deployment is security, and research shows that 95% of companies are worried about mobile app security. From outside attacks to internal leaks, threats come in all shapes and sizes. And while security is rightfully a concern, it doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are a number of different ways to secure an enterprise mobile app, but not all are created equal. Mobile device management (MDM) approaches, for example, are invasive to employees, cumbersome, and impact device performance. Code-based approaches built into applications are expensive and time consuming. App wrapping, on the other hand, is an effective and agile alternative. Through app wrapping you can protect enterprise mobile applications post development, which means you won’t have to play around with code or tap into an SDK. Configuring security features is fast, easy, and does not require the same level of technical knowledge as the other approaches. Perhaps best of all, wrapped security features will not interfere with the functionality applications and remain effective regardless user, device, and location. That means your data is as secure with a full-time onsite employee in the office as it is with a temporary contractor working remotely.


An enterprise app store lies at the core of a successful deployment strategy. Modeled after public stores such as Apple’s App Store and Google Play, private-branded enterprise app stores represent an all-in-one solution that support increased app adoption and intuitive app management. Administering apps through an enterprise app store is quick and simple. IT admins can easily deploy apps, roll out updates, export analytics, and manage app permission based on user roles at the click of the mouse. To end users, changes are seamless and the enterprise app store displays beautifully across iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices. Unlike development – which is largely a technical endeavor – charging up your enterprisemobile app deployment is quick and simple with the right tools. Securing apps through app wrapping is straightforward and once secure, IT administrators can easily deploy them to a branded enterprise app store for widespread distribution. The end result is a more streamlined enterprise application lifecycle and increased app adoption rates.

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