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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 09, 2010 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Exciting CollabNet TeamForge Enhancements with 5.4

Enterprise Agile Planning

This morning we released the new CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 platform, and CollabNet Subversion Edge is GA! This TeamForge 5.4 release has some really exciting enhancements that are going to make development easier and faster from administrators to developers.

Of special note, CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 features a server discovery function. Simply click on the "Discover
CollabNet Subversion Servers" button to locate Subversion Edge servers
and integrate them with the TeamForge platform. The entire set up process just got so much easier.

In addition, this new release introduces user interface enhancements that apply to both the tracker
and planning folder list artifacts view. Personalization options make
it easier for you to define and save your own view of data. You can:

  • Sort tracker columns
  • Prioritize your sort according to primary secondary, and tertiary levels of importance
  • Easily configure columns and save personal column settings
  • Set saved column settings to be your default view
    (a project administrator can also establish a default view for the
    entire team)

For businesses who are Agile, the TeamForge platform now integrates with CollabNet ScrumWorks Pro,
offering you even more flexibility. ScrumWorks Pro provides
best-in-class Agile project management capabilities for the enterprise,
allowing you to manage multiple teams working from a single backlog and
offering advanced program management for releases and backlog items that
span multiple projects. Together, the integrated TeamForge and
ScrumWorks Pro solution provide unrivaled Agile program and project
management for complex organizations and complete visibility and
traceability of all development efforts performed to implement the Agile

And creating integrated applications and tools just got a whole lot easier too! The TeamForge platform, version 5.4, includes the 1.0 release of a new
Integrated Application Framework (IAF). This framework introduces the
ability to associate a TeamForge object with an object in the integrated

The above only scratches the surface of new greatness in this release. You can get a more information about what's new in CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 on the New Features page. Additionally, for more information on CollabNet TeamForge 5.4 and Subversion Edge, check out the links below:

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