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Gartner ITxpo: Liveblog Oct 8

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gartner It's day 4 at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2014, the world's most important gathering of CIOs and Senior IT executives. We are here to give to insider access! We will be liveblogging pictures, interviews, and session recaps to keep you in-the-know on #GartnerSYM, so make sure to keep checking in! Looking to catch up on the week so far? Check out our liveblog posts from  Gartner ITxpo October 5Gartner ITxpo October 6 & GartnerITxpo October 7.

3:00pm Session Recap

Image-1 (21) We just got out of an interesting session by Robert Desisto on "How Mobility Will Transform Customer Engagement Process", where he quickly pointed out that mobility is impacting this process ALL the time. We as consumers, have come to rely on mobility for anything and everything. It is pervasive and now a part of our lives from the time we wake up until we go to bed again and it goes the same for your customers and employees. Employees and consumers need mobility in order to connect at anytime and gain access to what they want when they want it. Apps that are task driven and purposeful are the apps that deliver real value. Mobile app developers need real focus to concentrate on user experience (UX) because there is not a lot of real estate available since apps are not used for a long period of time. Robert explains that apps should be developed to allow users to get in and out, enabling them to complete a task or solve an issue easily. Some mobile apps are, and should be tactical in nature. Robert tells CIOs to move quickly because not all apps need to be overly strategic. It is most important to understand mobile capabilities and be creative about how to leverage them. To do so, CIOs need to get closer to the user and their needs, CIOs should not fixate on control. Robert shared a "Pace Layered Application Strategy" with us that explained the different kinds of systems. Systems of records are very stable and should be managed differently whereas systems of innovation should be tried and tested. Mobile apps are potential sources of innovation and CIOs should invest in ideation because many of the best mobile opportunities are left undiscovered. Why mobile apps? Robert provided a business case for mobile customer engagement apps that laid out the following benefits. Apps can increase efficiency through hardware reduction, real-time communications and inventory control, while also increasing effectiveness though process transformation, reduced cycle time, leading to increased revenue. Apps can also bring new insights, such as increased data quality, improved business performance dashboards, behavioral and social analysis. With that said, Custom apps can be especially powerful because they will meet your exact needs and native apps provide the richest experience for users along with flexibility. Robert finished his presentation saying that mobility for customer engagement should be a CIOs priority, not a "nice to have" initiative. He says, "The future of enterprise apps is mobility".

1:00pm Insights from EMM MQ

Image-1 (20) Gartner analyst, Chris Silva presented on the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Magic Quadrant. Chris explained that EMM is an evolution on mobile device management (MDM) but organizations started defining MDM as a broader set of capabilities. That is why Gartner broadened the term, EMM includes MDM, mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM), all of which are core functions. The EMM magic quadrant is just an attempt to organize vendors and being in the upper right is not everything and not the right choice for all companies. There are incredible capabilities all over and beyond the MQ and many vendors offer valuable targeted capabilities. Policy is an increasingly important capability for the platform and policy management across mobile apps is emerging for many vendors but most still have a ways to go. App management is another piece that is becoming more and more important. Chris recommends that IT should ask vendors for evidence that they are supporting the use case in mind when evaluating the different platforms. MDM capabilities at large are all quite similar and once you look beyond these basic capabilities because at that point you'll see a lot of separation of vendors. An example of this is being able to manage policies at the app level is an emerging capability that not all vendors offer. Recommendations from Gartner analyst Chris Silva:

  • Do not get engaged in a long-term contract with an EMM vendor
  • Get details on mobile platform support, because EMM technologies do not offer the same feature sets across mobile device platforms
  • Ensure mobile device policies keep up with changes to device/OS platforms and EMM capabilites
  • Ask vendors for customer evidence for environments similar to yours

10:30am Session Recap

Image-1 (3) copyJust got out of the insightful Mastermind Interview Keynote with Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and several other companies and is considered to be one of the most successful investors of his time.

Peter sees mobile payments have a long way to come but do have a huge potential. When asked if he thinks Apple Pay will be a success he said Tim Cook has big shoes to fill because its hard for Apple to move the needle because they are so big. Both Apple Pay and the Apple Watch are too small to move the dial for such a major company like Apple and he thinks the iPhone will always dominate.

Peter shared that he doesn't think the world has really changed since the year 2000, saying that we do not live in a science and technology age, we live in a capitalistic age. We see this in Hollywood, where technology is portrayed as harming the world and science is rarely the hero with the one exception being the computer. Technology means something today, much more so than it did in the 60s but today technology means computers and bits, not atoms. Peters see an opportunity here to create new companies around science and atoms but in order for this to be successful, society needs to embrace it, seek broader technology and this will take our society to the next level.

Peter wants to invest in things that offer an order of magnitude of improvement and feels this is critical, a sharp technological gradient. His current obsession? How people should compete more effectively and always aim for a monopoly. He feels that most people just "spray and pray", trying lots of things because they don't know what is going to work well. People treat opportunities like lottery tickets, placing bets and thinking of success as luck. Peter says we need to think more and eliminate "luck", pushing harder to actually create the opportunity. He shared two examples, the Manhattan project and when we sent a man to the moon. These were clearly not "pray and spray", these were very focused times of innovation.

When asked about IoT, Peter shared that he is skeptical of these kind of terms like "cloud" and "big data" because people get too hung up on these trends. He likes companies that don't fit neatly inside these buzzwords, saying companies like airbnb and Tesla, which is an example of vertical integration since all parts already existed, are underestimated.

Peter's advice to big technology companies? He says, since is seems most have more money than they know what to do with, that they should invest more innovating, real innovating and if they run out of ideas and cash builds up, they should be paying dividends.

Day 4 at Gartner Symposium

Image-1 (19) <--- Clearly, we had a good time at Disney World last night! It was nice to get a little break from the craziness that is the Gartner Symposium and hang with Darth Vader and a couple stormtroopers but we are ready to get back into action. Big day to come, we're especially excited for the Mastermind Interview Keynote with Peter Thiel and don't worry, we'll post a recap shortly with all the best insights!      

Did you miss out on day 1, 2 and 3 of the ITxpo? Check out our live blog recaps for Gartner ITxpo October 5, Gartner ITxpo October 6 & Gartner ITxpo October 7.

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