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Today, is excited to announce our latest AI-Powered DevOps Platform Release: Ascension. This release empowers both private and public sector organizations to unify, secure and generate predictive insights across the software lifecycle, increasing business value with integrated software delivery, and driving down technical debt through enterprise connections.

Designed to enable organizations to overcome challenges in delivering and securing software at scale, our latest release offers new features and functionalities across our Agility, Continuous Testing, Application Security, Release and Deploy, and Analytics solutions.


  • Team Room Usability Improvements – New capabilities provide scrum masters and product owners additional flexibility in configuring and managing TeamRoom and improve overall work efficiency of teams. Teams can now easily add and remove panels, track and manage print progress, and save time by automatically assigning new work items to the default product owner.
  • New Standup Tool – Save time in orchestrating standups for your scrum teams, this new capability allows you to automatically filter the TeamRoom storyboard to the selected person and the easy removal of team members not present for standup.
  • Integration Marketplace – The one-stop-shop for all integrations across Agility, Release, and Deploy, the marketplace offers 100s of integrations across our products, official partners, and community plugins with full details, filter integrations by categories, and how-to guides for deploying apps to AWS, or Amazon EKS with end-to-end docs, video, and code examples. Agility has officially received FedRAMP authorization. With this approval, federal agencies now have access to Agility to support their enterprise agile planning efforts.

Application Security

  • Auto configuration – We’ve added the ability to obfuscate and add anti-tamper techniques to code without requiring customization of protections through our auto configuration feature.  Protecting your applications from reverse engineering and tampering is now faster and easier.
  • More deployment options – We’ve provided the ability for you to add our protections either in the cloud or on-premises depending on your deployment requirements.
  • Better visibility into threat data – You can now monitor threat data in real time and react to attacks in real time.  For instance, when a code change or a tamper action is detected, you can suspend accounts or force step up authentication or shut down the app under attack.  You can access this threat data via a dedicated dashboard or through integration with your existing SIEM or BI tools.

Continuous Testing

  • Mobile studio – Provides a new user experience for better device interaction to be able to test new features as soon as they’re released, expand test coverage by simulating a wide range of functional and performance use cases, and having a cleaner workspace for manual testing.
  • Test editor – Allows non-technical users to create, validate and manage test scripts. This simplifies your test suites with reduced automated test creation and editing times, having the ability to discover defects earlier, and allows exporting of code to your IDE for improved coverage.
  • Autonomous testing – Focuses on low-code test automation with self-learning capabilities that navigate mobile apps and auto-generates sanity tests. This reduces the workload for development teams by enabling more test creation without coding.
  • Integrate and test lens – With this lens, leaders can analyze code coverage, build and test automation, spot defects, and examine systemic issues and trends.

Release and Deploy

  • Release integration with Argo CD – Manage continuous delivery and orchestration via Kubernetes by utilizing Argo CD to provide developers a native GitOps experience while enabling rich compliance and gating. Additionally, a “Getting Started” guide and reusable templates are available to simplify and model an ideal process.
  • GitOps-enabled version control – With the ability to control GitOps enabled versions, new teams can define their pipelines and use Release as a continuous integration system and implement frictionless workflow for writing, validating, and publishing content in Release, allowing for reduced cycle time and release downtime.
  • New analytics lens for Deploy – This new lens gives you unparalleled visibility and intelligence into deployments across applications and environments. Learn when, where, why, and how deployment failures happen and the frequency of failures with fully customizable dashboards with ad-hoc analysis.

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Our AI-Powered DevOps Platform Ascension Release offers the connective tissue needed within a platform to plan, secure, measure and accelerate business value from software investments, while reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency, and managing compliance. is solving the problems that organizations encounter from disparate delivery tools that offer little insight across the full development and delivery by unifying solutions.

Achieving peak performance can feel like an uphill battle, but with the Ascension release, your organization will be reaching the summit in no time.

To learn more about all the Ascension Release’s newest features and offerings, check out our product broadcast videos:

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