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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 22, 2013 — App Management expert

GigaOM Research Report: Apperian Is "An Advertisement For Openness"

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GigaOmThe market for enterprise mobile apps is changing rapidly. Employees and employers alike are constantly looking for new ways to provide workers with enterprise apps that enable them to do their jobs more efficiently – whether they’re on the go or working from a fixed location. As part of this evolution, supporting different classes of users (salespeople, finance administrators, line of business leaders, etc.) can be complex without a dedicated enterprise mobility solution, as distinct user requirements are unique and ever changing, as noted by Cormac Foster, Research Director at GigaOM Research in a new report entitled “Sector RoadMap: Enterprise mobility management.” In his report, Foster points to the two predominant approaches to enterprise mobile management (EMM) -- mobile application management (MAM™) and mobile device management (MDM). While Foster aptly notes that MDM is focused managing the security and behavior of a physical device, he also points to a GigaOM Research survey of IT buyers conducted during the second quarter of 2013 which reflects how “MAM and related technology adoption will rise sharply in the next 24 months” as enterprise IT buyers continue to be attracted to the ability to support; a custom enterprise app store, app wrapping capabilities, along with the monitoring of enterprise app usage, and management of app rights. “The next generation of EMM adoption uses MDM where appropriate, but it encourages adoption and productivity through less-oppressive MAM-based measures where they are appropriate,” says Foster. Going forward, Foster believes that successful EMM programs will require a blend of MAM™ and MDM tools – often from different vendors – to support a variety of different requirements. These include an increasingly distributed mobile workforce (as companies rely more on the use of contractors and part-time workers), growing compliance, risk, and governance obligations, as well as platform proliferation (emergence of wearable technologies along with a widening range of business applications). As mobile management continues to take on a larger role in the enterprise, we’re pleased to share that Apperian is solidly positioned as one of the vendors cited by Foster that’s “best suited” to address this trend through its ability to provide features such as:

  • A simple, unified console
  • Support for the widest possible range of platforms, including Windows and Mac laptops

Foster highlights Apperian as being “almost an advertisement for openness,” citing the company’s willingness to partner with any vendor “that can build around its application-focused offering. As Apperian Senior Vice President of Products Alan Murray explains in the report: “Consolidation of the previous generation of systems management to a single console took the industry 15 years. We’re three to four years into the current generation of mobility management, in the middle of tremendous change. It’s naive to think that a single vendor can provide the depth and breadth of offering that’s sufficient for every business. That’s why we’re focused on best practices in Mobile Application Management.” To view the GigaOM Research report click here.  

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