In an era where pixels hold the power to create alternate realities and where gamers forge friendships in the crucible of battle, the gaming industry has risen to prominence beyond imagination. From humble beginnings, games have evolved into a global phenomenon, captivating hearts, and minds, across the planet. Application Security has safeguarded the virtual worlds of some of the most iconic mobile and desktop games since 2009 and is happy to have been here for the ride, so indulge us as we take a look back.

A scene from “Elden Ring,” one of the many games secures*

The Ascendance of Gaming and its Cultural Impact

Gone are the days when gaming was confined to dimly lit arcades. Today, the gaming market has surged to colossal proportions, dwarfing even the music and movie industries combined. Gaming is a colossus in the dynamic entertainment landscape, with a market value exceeding $250 billion. This monumental shift is not solely about revenue but also a testament to gaming’s cultural influence. Games have transcended being mere leisure activities, morphing into a vibrant subculture that has seeped into mainstream consciousness. Gamers are no longer isolated; they are a global community connected by their shared passion.

Navigating the Perils of the Gaming World

Within this expansive domain, game developers face formidable challenges. As games gain traction, so do attempts to circumvent rules through cheating or piracy. The rise of “crackers,” those who aim to manipulate games for personal gain, has presented an escalating problem. These individuals possess an arsenal of skills, fueled by an insatiable desire to bend the rules. Balancing fairness with player satisfaction is a tightrope walk. To complicate matters, securing software can often lead to performance compromises or trigger a barrage of false positives, hampering the gaming experience.

Moreover, the motivations behind cheating are complex. Some are driven by curiosity, while others have nefarious intentions, including financial gain or malicious activity. Game makers, seeking to avoid undue consumer bans, find it a monumental task to distinguish between the two.

Fortifying Defenses: Application Security’s contribution to the gaming world lies in its commitment to protect against piracy and cheating. The battleground encompasses both static and dynamic analysis. Through advanced code obfuscation, renders game software code unreadable to prying eyes. This layer of complexity helps discourage crackers and to deter unauthorized access and manipulation.

Dynamic analysis helps combat abuse through unsafe environment detection. By identifying unsafe environments—such as rooted/jailbroken phones, emulators, and dynamic instrumentation toolkits— helps ensure a fair and secure gaming environment. The synergy of these technologies creates a bulwark against the ever-evolving tactics of increasingly savvy cheaters, pirates, and crackers. The Guardians of Gaming

Game developers are entrusted with a duty: crafting immersive experiences that captivate players’ imaginations. With this responsibility comes the challenge of maintaining fair gameplay, satisfying paying customers, and safeguarding the game’s intellectual property.

Enter Application Security

While no security is uncrackable, gaming companies opt for’s expertise to achieve the delicate balance between player engagement and security. The allure lies in our ability to reduce false positives, curbing superfluous bans of merely “curious” users and player frustration. Furthermore,’s solutions have been crafted to ensure minimal impact on game performance.’s “Protection Blueprints,” a concept that empowers game makers to build upon previous successes, help our customers innovate without fear of compromise. Crafting these blueprints allows game makers to apply similar protection strategies to subsequent versions of the same game or entirely new projects. In this way, champions innovation while safeguarding established foundations.

While we don’t often reveal our customers’ names, they know us well – as do the crackers. A quick browse of internet sites like Reddit shows dozens of references to “Arxan” security. Arxan is the former name of Application Security, and we continue to build on the strong foundation of Arxan’s technology. Every year since 2016, at least 2 of the Top 10 selling PC games and two of the top ten selling mobile games worldwide have used our technology to protect their games. Today, four of the largest ten global game makers are using Application Security.

Epilogue: A Decade of Dedication

As we traverse the expanse of the digital gaming universe, we remain committed to protecting against piracy and cheating. For over a decade, our contributions have nurtured fair competition, preserved player satisfaction, and emboldened creativity. As we venture into a future ripe with new challenges and innovations, we can only hope to continue to do our part to ensure that the realm of gaming remains a sanctuary for players and creators alike.


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