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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Dec 02, 2019 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Have Questions for An Agile Expert?

Enterprise Agile Planning

I had the pleasure of facilitating an open Q&A in which Agile practitioners and transformation leaders asked many questions related to their own Agile transformation. Expert Danny Presten, Chief Methodologist answered the questions. Danny has helped many organizations through their transformations, worked in Agile organizations, consulted with senior leaders, and led training initiatives. This was an extremely well-attended webinar session, and the diversity of participants and questions revealed that Agile is top of mind across industries and roles. Some questions that were top-of-mind for the Agile/DevOps community at the session are below.

As enterprises continue to adopt Agile software development practices, they face many challenges while trying to reap the benefits of an agile transformation. As technology advances and grows in complexity, Agile practices need to evolve too. Both new and seasoned Agile practitioners, as well as business leaders, have a lot of questions when it comes to overcoming obstacles on the Agile journey and keeping up with shifting best practices.

Some thought-provoking questions the community posed to the experts:

  • Is Product Owner a full-time role or do you complete your sprint and move on?
  • What is the most important step to initiating scaled Agile within an organization?
  • How do you drive business agility so scaled Agile practices do not seem like a retrofit from technology to business?
  • What is the typical role of a Business Analyst? How does this role need to evolve to contribute to delivery?
  • How did you keep management engaged while teams pursue short term goals in the Agile processes?
  • What are some of the most important skills needed to be an effective Agile corporation?
  • What is the number one metric that can be used to identify Agile behavior or an Agile mindset change?

Hear the answers to these and many other questions now.

There were many more interesting topics covered in the session.  Danny shared helpful responses and provided attendees with tangible best practices to implement in their organizations. We will continue to break down the webinar into more responses and shared experiences. In the meantime, do you have questions you want to ask our experts? Send them to us at

As a long-time advocate of value stream management for enterprise DevOps and Agile, teaming up with Danny and hearing so many great questions and answers confirmed a few things for me. The importance of Agile is on the rise and organizations should be investing in training online and onsite; exploration of frameworks like SAFe 5.0 is a must; and of course, value stream management (VSM) is enabling for Agile and DevOps at scale but companies still need to learn a lot about VSM. Hear the full Q&A now.

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