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How Continuous Productivity Affects MAM™

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continuous-productivity-with-MAM™Is your company looking for a new level of productivity? How about continuous productivity with mobile application management (MAM™)? The concept of continuous productivity is defined by LinkedIn’s Steven Sinofsky in a recent article in Business Insider. He writes, “The cloud-powered smartphone and tablet, as productivity tools are transforming the world around us along with implied changes in how we work to be mobile and more social…Together our industry is shaping a new way to learn, work and live with the power of software and mobile computing – an era of continuous productivity.” So in light of this new era that blends the “implied” lines between work and home life, how can companies foster continuous productivity for their teams? We think an enterprise mobile application management (MAM™) approach fits right into what Sinofsky’s article calls for. We’ll now look at how smart companies can encourage productivity anywhere, anytime with security and simplicity. Before we jump into the importance of mobile application management's role in continuous productivity, let’s look at few ways Sinofsky says it happens in the enterprise. Continuous productivity:

  • Shifts us from “episodic work" to “more innovation and improved execution”
  • Collaboration happens outside the boundaries of the organization
  • Every member of a team has access to “data, knowledge, analysis and opinion in digital, sharable, and structured formats”
  • Your teams have the ability to “proactively deal with situations as they arise” instead of waiting on others for information, hence the continuous nature of productivity.

While this may sound a little utopian, it’s an achievable reality when teams and individual members can access their needed data and tools anywhere, anytime. One thing we've blogged about repeatedly and you've probably seen happen in your organization is – employees are bringing their own productive devices into your organization whether you like it or not -- part of a growing movement called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Sinofsky notes this and gives recommendations that line up with why MAM™ is the smartest approach to helping improve productivity.

1. “How much faster is it to triage email on a phone than on your PC?” MAM™ Point: Mail is a key communication tool and we need to protect the data at the source. With a focus on security at the point of dissemination instead of clunky, intrusive “containers” on the devices, MAM™ helps keep native enterprise apps active and users productive.

2. “Apps solve real problems required by modern information sharing.” MAM Point: Keep app distribution simple and flexible. Driving mobile app adoption, innovation, and productivity starts with making enterprise apps easy to find and defining use for their role and device. A MAM™ approach gives you the most flexibility to manage distribution, upgrades, and permissions.

3. Keep the partners, outsiders and partnerships top of mind in app development and deployment. MAM™ Point: Organizations are looking more to part-time workers, partners and contractors to deliver value to their businesses. We have to focus the outside and inside (as Sinofsky notes) to maximize productivity and innovation. We can do this smartly by protecting what matters most at the right points – the data and the apps. Mobile data protection gives us the security on personal or corporate devices without requiring intrusive and cumbersome technology on users’ devices, while ensuring ongoing compliance with security policies. We encourage you to dive into Sinofsky’s look at the future of productivity and look for ways to incorporate MAM™ to foster better decisions and work regardless of where your team members are.

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