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Last Updated Jul 05, 2022 —

How to bring external data to Agility

Silvia Davis, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at, tells her story of how a positive app experience led to the realization that proper data integration is essential to the entire application lifecycle.

Key points:  

  • Product managers, portfolio managers, and scrum masters need visibility in the entire application lifecycle to avoid risks of application delivery delays.  

  • Integration between Agility and other application development tools is an essential element in getting visibility within the whole application lifecycle.  

  • Agility has out-of-the-box connectors to other application development tools via marketplace, and an API, allowing customers and partners to quickly create integrations with their own application’s ecosystem. 

Agility Sync
Product Documentation

Agility Sync is an enterprise integration solution for integrating Agility with other ALM tools such as Jira and TeamForge.

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Data integrations occur every day

Data and system integrations tend to bring an improved user experience, but they must do so well. Case in point, when I was running late to the airport one day, it was already noon, and I didn’t even have my breakfast yet. 

To combat any oncoming hunger, I opened my American Airlines (AA) app and ordered food to be delivered at the door of the airplane for me. It was something I hadn’t done before, but nevertheless I decided to try it out, and shazam! It worked! 

I was able to order a burger - not too healthy, but definitely delicious - using the AA app from the convenience of my phone and got it as soon as I was boarding. What made that possible? The integration of various points (including AA app), the burger vendor, the credit card business, and the airport system.  

The main point is this: data integration delivers new (and better!) experiences.

Welcome to Agility Sync

Every company has many integrated systems, but that is still not enough to support all needed scenarios. Even more critical to note is that it is definitely not easy to maintain these systems. Product managers, portfolio managers, and scrum masters need visibility in the entire application lifecycle to ensure the delivery timeframe, remove road blockers, avoid bugs, and deliver resilient applications.   

Because of application sprawl and the data being dispersed, we at have created our new marketplace where you can easily find connectors for our solutions and other vendors’ solutions.   

Our Agility Connect has been renamed Agility Sync and offers you vital out-of-the-box connectors to quickly set up your integrations while we maintain those for you.  

We know that you may have additional tools to be integrated into Agility, and as a result we are giving you an open API so you can quickly transfer data in and out from other vendors’ solutions.  

The new Agility Sync is an easy way to bring data back in forth from other tools. Here are some ideas of use cases: 

  • Get the status of the application development from Jira 

  • See test progress, coverage, and risks, from testing tools like Tricentis and Cucumber 

  • Receive performance testing information from BlazeMeter 

  • Identify risks of failure to deploy and release in production 

  • Get defects data from ServiceNow or IT Service Management tools 

  • Push application development status to change management tools 

  • Consolidate from other agile tools into Agility 

These are just a few scenarios, but with Agility Sync, you have the freedom to be creative and bring new experiences to everyone in the application delivery lifecycle.  

Additional details about Agility Sync 


For more information, check out these helpful links:  

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