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In 2019, DevOps has earned its spot as the primary path for enterprises to streamline their software delivery efforts, with Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) largely responsible for enabling many of the benefits of a DevOps implementation. Yet surprisingly, a lot of organizations continue to put their CI/CD pipelines on a track separate from the other processes that contribute to software success, like IT Service Management (ITSM). In large enterprise environments, this disconnect makes it difficult to effectively track features, user stories, and IT service requests.

If organizations are truly aiming to eliminate waste and reduce bottlenecks in software delivery—while maintaining security and compliance—then shouldn’t they be able to see quickly which features from the backlog actually made it to production, easily track the status of change tickets, and automate and track compliance and security checks across their entire delivery process? By connecting ITSM with CI/CD pipelines, the real-time status of features, issues, and service requests across all teams and tools in the ecosystem can be automatically tracked and visible to all, enabling software delivery to happen at top speed, while ensuring audit requirements are met and robust compliance reports are generated. Want to learn more? Listen to Amy Johnston and Ravan Naidoo of XebiaLabs as they present – Avoid Troubled Waters: Building a Bridge Between ServiceNow and CI/CD. Check out this free webinar to learn:

  • How Cloud, CI/CD, and DevOps are increasing the need for connected pipelines
  • How to integrate service ticketing with your CI/CD pipelines
  • How to connect features and user stories to change tickets and successfully automate code-to-production feature tracking
  • How to eliminate the manual ticket updates that developers typically hate
  • How to achieve automated governance, compliance, and reporting requirements

Avoid Troubled Waters: Building a Bridge Between ServiceNow and CI/CD

If you’re development teams are struggling to track features, user stories, and IT service requests, it’s time to connect ITSM to CI/CD pipelines. Learn how!

XebiaLabs for ITSM

Enterprises often struggle to connect the feature and user stories that the development team manages in a backlog management tool like Jira to the change tickets that come in via an ITSM system like ServiceNow. The XebiaLabs DevOps Platform provides visibility and synchronizes data across the entire pipeline by connecting issue tracking and ITSM ticketing tools, so that user stories and change tickets are always up to date. Thanks to XebiaLabs’ powerful integrations, you don’t need to log into every tool in your change management toolchain to manually track changes and update status information—in fact, you can get the information you need without ever leaving your favorite tool! With XebiaLabs, you can track user stories that are created during the requirements phase as they’re developed, tested, and ultimately deployed to Production. As your release iterates and progresses, XebiaLabs provides development status in real time and automatically keeps tickets up to date in all systems. XebiaLabs lets you know which features were delivered with which release. XebiaLabs also provides real-time audit and compliance reports by integrating your people and processes with the tools in your delivery pipeline, including Jenkins, Ansible, Jira, ServiceNow, and many more.

Listen Now –– Build a Bridge between CI/CD and ITSM and Make the Promise of DevOps Come to Life

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