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MAM: Key to Surviving the Unicorn Apocalypse?

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In light of the latest "Unicorn Apocalypse" commercials from Samsung, we thought it would be interesting to look at what enterprise mobile management strategy works best in the case of a people-gobbling unicorn zombie attack. Obviously, we feel like enterprise mobile application management (MAM) is the best strategy – no matter whether you’re looking to ward off rainbow-blooded unicorn zombies or BYOD security concerns. And that’s what Samsung hints at in its “SAFE” for BYOD commercial. SAFE refers to “Samsung for the enterprise” in its ads, which explain the benefits of BYOD in a really cool way - in the making of the most successful app of all time. The ad highlights scenarios where employees at “Unicorn Apocalypse” are discussing the new BYOD policy and they plug why this strategy makes sense:
  • One female employee team member asks another, “Are you going to consolidate your phones?” The one with two phones says, “Don’t mess with my system – one for work, one for personal.”
  • Another scene shows a guy asking his teammate if he will get rid of the “business” jacket and so-called business phone.
  • Finally, a member of the Unicorn Apocalypse development team asks if a Samsung phone is certain to be secure.
These three scenes are at the heart of BYOD – a personal experience that improves productivity. And MAM is a key part of “modern business” survival even when you’re developing a game plan to overtake zombie unicorns. Here’s why:
  • The devices don’t matter if the data is secured at the app level.
  • IT spending doesn’t focus on a standardized device no one uses.
  • Employees can use one device for everything (if they choose) and have the experience they want without worrying about IT seeing their personal business in a support scenario.
  • MAM focuses on mobile security - enterprise data, access and updates.
  • MAM offers distributed teams the tools they need through a self-service enterprise app store and IT spends time on procuring and developing tools to help grow the business even when the unicorns threaten to wipe it all out.
Next Steps: Find out what critical factors for success are necessary when developing your unicorn zombie-proof enterprise mobility strategy in our on-demand webinar How to Scale Enterprise Mobility and Improve ROI.

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