Mastercam, a pioneer in PC-based CAD/CAM solutions, has continually evolved to meet the demands of a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape. With clients ranging from industry giants to small-scale enterprises, Mastercam’s commitment to precision and productivity has been unwavering over its 40-year history.

Waterfall Project Management Hinders Progress

As Mastercam experienced exponential growth, its traditional waterfall project management approach proved inadequate. Lengthy lead times, software quality issues, and a lack of timely feedback jeopardized development cycles. The need to be agile became apparent.

Transition to Agile with Agility

Mastercam first embarked on an Agile transformation around 2010, and within a year or two, they had fully adopted it throughout the product side of the business. When Scrum and Release Process Manager Mike Crivello inherited that infrastructure in 2017, he aimed to grow, evolve, and refine Mastercam’s Agile processes with the help of Agility – recognizing the tool’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set.


  • Customizable Team Experience: Agility’s virtual Team Rooms serve as the central hub for day-to-day operations, fostering efficiency and collaboration. Tailored to each team’s unique workflows, the platform optimizes productivity.
  • Kanban Support: With approximately 20% of teams transitioning to Kanban, Agility seamlessly accommodates diverse methodologies. Its flexibility ensures a unified experience across teams, empowering them to adapt to evolving requirements.
  • Advanced Reporting: The platform’s robust reporting capabilities empower stakeholders with actionable insights. Through customizable interfaces and integrated APIs, Mastercam leverages data to drive informed decision-making and identify potential bottlenecks early.
  • Reliable Ease of Use: Onboarding new employees has never been smoother, with training sessions lasting only 1-2 hours per individual. Agility’s intuitive design ensures a seamless transition for team members accustomed to other project management tools.


Mastercam’s journey underscores the transformative power of Agile methodologies in modern software development. By embracing flexibility, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making, Mastercam continues to lead the industry in delivering innovative solutions tailored to its clients’ evolving needs. As the manufacturing landscape evolves, Mastercam remains committed to excellence.

In the dynamic realm of software development, agility isn’t just a choice—it’s a necessity. Read the full story about how Mastercam’s partnership with Agility exemplifies the transformative potential of Agile methodologies, paving the way for a future defined by innovation and efficiency.


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