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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 27, 2009 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Message from CEO: Not Forgetting the Dudes

Enterprise Agile Planning

Our existing customers will have noticed some big changes at Codesion (formerly CVSDude). In the past year, we have moved headquarters to the USA, released a new generation SaaS platform, and migrated over 50,000 users in several thousand companies to it.

Shortly we will be launching a new product called Professional Edition. This represents the evolution of the solution that we have built over the years for our Enterprise class customers.

Background & Motivations 

Since Mark Bathie founded “CVSDude” as the original “Professional CVS Hosting” service in 2002 (and before Subversion was released), the company has delivered a solid and reliable system for individual developers and small teams (we call “the Dudes”). Over time, CVSDude (now Codesion) gained a reputation as being a quick and easy on-demand engineering infrastructure solution for global teams.

By 2005/06, the reputation started attracting enterprise class customers, including large teams and major organizations, that wanted to adopt CVSDude for their core infrastructure.

These customers had a range of specific requirements that included contracted service level agreements amongst other things. So for over four years now, Codesion has been providing custom solutions to our Enterprise customers behind the scenes. Now it is time to release that capability to the world.

Our new Professional Edition (releasing soon) includes a 99.9% Uptime SLA, Enterprise Class Security, live Emergency Support, LDAP integration and more. The new Guardfrog platform, our expanded support and system administration teams, and a range of feature and security enhancements, allow us to provide this as a true enterprise class solution for a small business price.

Back to the Dudes…

As we continue to enhance and invest in our Platform and service levels, we will be releasing a bunch of new functionality that benefits Team and Professional Codesion customers alike.

First, our Team Edition plans are still available, serving teams of all sizes, at their current competitive price point. Team Edition customers will benefit from the more than 10 developer years of R&D investment we have made in the new Platform.

Secondly, we are shortly upgrading all our Developer Edition customers to Team Edition (and merging the two products). For the first time, all Codesion customers will have access to Trac, Bugzilla, Dav & External Integrations, as well as more standard storage, for no additional cost.

Codesion Role PermissionsThird, we are about to release a major upgrade to our security system with new Role Based Permissions. For the first time, control access to all Codesion hosted applications in one continious tree from the Guardfrog interface.

Last and by no means least is the upcoming release of our new community help and knowledge base system. This will provide instant, searchable access to community-accumulated knowledge, create support cases, request features, view recorded webinars, and is monitored around the clock by Codesion support teams in Australia, India, and the US. We invite you all to contribute into this system as it will provide a better solution for all.

I know the changes in the past year and in particular the migration process from our old platform (V3) to the new FrogSAFE Platformcould have been communicated more effectively and planned in a way that would impact our customers less. We have taken these lessons on board, and have put in place new procedures. I am confident that from now on you will be happy with our service levels, and thank you for sticking by us through this.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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