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Mobile Security: Why Focusing on the End-Point of Mobility Works

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According to Gartner, over half of companies will have sanctioned BYOD programs by 2017. This comes as no surprise considering the overwhelming evidence that, when administered correctly, BYOD has a positive impact on companies. It’s linked to increased productivity and employee satisfaction among other things, but also brings up concerns over mobile security. Securing sensitive data and protecting the enterprise from malicious attacks while simultaneously supporting BYOD presents a number of challenges for IT decision makers. Unlike with company-issued smartphones and devices, modern mobile security policies need to not only address the needs the business, but also respect the device ownership rights of employees. In addition, an effective mobile security approach needs be flexible enough to handle policies regarding dual use applications, and adverse scenarios such as device theft, and employee abandonment.

Problems with Popular Mobile Security Solutions

Mobile device management (MDM), a holdover from the company-issued device days, is a common mobile security approach, but it fails to address the needs of the modern BYOD environment. Employees perceive MDM’s device-level policies as intrusive and they also raise concerns over the level of control businesses can enforce on employee-owned devices.

The most recent mobile security solution to pique the interest of IT departments is containerization, which effectively carves out a separate area on a device to hold and safeguard enterprise apps and data. Containerization certainly has its advantages, but is by no means a perfect solution. The approach can have an adverse effect on the overall performance of the device, offers no protection on rooted devices, and lacks flexibility.

Why Focusing the End-Point of Mobility Works

The problem with many of today’s popular mobile security approaches is that they do not address the issue of security at its source. The most effective and least intrusive BYOD security solution does not focus on the mobile devices themselves, but instead converges on the true end-point of mobility -- enterprise apps and data. In order to really tackle the issue of mobile security head on, IT decision-makers must adopt the standpoint that data is at risk at all times. Protecting corporate data stored on user devices through encryption is a manageable, straightforward approach that makes an enterprise less of a target to would-be malicious attacks. In a mobile application management (MAM®) approach to security, encryption and other measures are applied only to enterprise apps and data. Private employee data remains untouched and no changes are forced upon the infrastructure of employee devices. This solution can be administered through a central enterprise platform that controls all aspects of each enterprise application, including access, permissions, content, and updates. The real advantage of a end-point mobile security is that provides businesses with the security and protection they need without infringing upon the privacy and rights of employees. It is a completely transparent solution that employees will love. Without concerns over intrusion and revealing private data, both the business and employees can reap the full benefits of BYOD. To learn more, join me next Tuesday, August 5th at 12:00 PM ET, as I discuss "Mobility Security You Need with BYOD Your Employees Love." You can reserve your spot here.

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