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Last Updated Dec 11, 2015 — App Management expert

Mobility News Briefing - Dec 11

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Top 10 Mobile Technologies Organizations need to master in 2016...

The story? As 2015 comes to an end, Information Management featured the top 10 mobile technologies that Gartner says organizations need to master -- we'll give you the top 3 and the reasoning behind their importance according to Nick Jones, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

  1. Multiplatform / Multiarchitecture Application Development Tools -- explaining that orgs will need app development tools that support the 3 key platforms that are iOS, Android and Windows, and the 3 app architectures that are native, hybrid and mobile Web. Jones refers to this as a "3 x 3 future".
  2. HTML5 -- Jones concludes that while HTML5 has its implementation and security risks, organizations need to master the technology because mobile Web and hybrid apps will continue to become more popular.
  3. Advanced Mobile UX Design -- As consumer mobile apps continue to push the envelope for app UX with new techniques like motivational design and inventive features like augmented reality, Jones says orgs must master the art of advanced mobile user experience design.

Check out the full story for the rest of Gartner's top 10 Mobile Technologies for 2016.

Productivity down due to poor enterprise app performance...

The story? Fred Donovan of FierceMobileIT this week covered a survey of 900 business execs by Wakefield Research and concluded that poor app experience will not only cause workers to use alternative apps unbeknownst to their employer, but more often than not it will cut their productivity levels.

Survey results:

90% business execs feels this impacts their work negatively -- >50% says it happens on a weekly basis

40% business execs say this impacts their customer satisfaction levels -- can also lead to contract delays and missed deadlines

>33% business execs will use alternative apps unbeknownst to their employer if their apps are running slowly or just not working properly

For more details, see the full article.

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