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Mobility News Briefing - Feb 12

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Mobility through the eyes of a soldier... 

The story: Aaron Boyd of C4ISR & Networks covered the predictions that current and former soldiers who work in mobility shared at the Mobile Tech Summit hosted by AFCEA CD. Their thoughts on what capabilities are most important vary significantly from how the average consumer or enterprise thinks about mobility.

Mobile devices are key to communication and access to real-time information. 

Retired Marine and current director of ViaSat, Jim Robinson, explains that easy access to data is vital but the data should not be stored on the device. This is because in combat, it is inevitable that devices will be left behind and use of the cloud is a key to making this possible.

Mobile security at the highest level is a necessity and smart watches could play a key role.

Senior Manager for the Department of Defense Sales at Samsung, Jamie Wu, explains that smart watches could act as the perfect lightweight device for security, authentication, and notifications. By tying the smart watches to other devices, the soldier has the ability to lock and wipe any device that gets left behind, ensuring no confidential data can be accessed and no national security incident can result.

Mobile devices with live video streaming could mean the difference between life and death. 

Marine Corps Systems Command Maj. Kevin Shepherd explains the significance of having access to live video saying:

“I can see the other side of the building, I see that an insurgent just ran from here to there with a machine gun, so that we can adjust our plan on the fly, I can mark it down on my screen, hit send and someone else who doesn’t necessarily have the video receiver can see that we’re changing the plan and that I’ve marked the machine gun.”

Such intel can provide soldiers in battle a tactical advantage that would have never been possible without the advancements in mobile technology that we see today.

Read the full story, here.

Business Agility and the impact of IoT and BYOD...

The story: D.P. Morrissey of CIO Insight explains that CIOs must embrace and lead change within organizations regardless of how reluctant others may be. Policy changes are essential, Morrissey explains, "in terms of cost, time and competitive advantage".

Take BYOD for example:

The concept of BYOD has been a hot topic for a few years now. It offers a long list of benefits from employee satisfaction, increased motivation, productivity and talent retention yet reports show that only 60% of organizations have implemented BYOD strategies.

Security and the fear of the unknown causes sleepless nights for CIOs, ultimately holding the business back from new levels of innovation and growth.

Morrissey encourages CIOs to "get up to speed on unauthorized activity" and to educate themselves and the rest of the company on the possibilities of IoT and business agility. Those that do will be rewarded with intel that creates a competitive advantage and drives revenue.

Get the full article and impressive statistics from the Tata Consultancy Services report, here.


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