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Last Updated Dec 02, 2013 — App Management expert

Mobilizers Use Case: Taking the Cumbersome Out of Mobile App Performance Testing

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When you’re working in traditional software; pre-sales, soft launches, and beta testing in exchange for feedback and testimonials is as simple as sending a disc or a link to download. This model is attractive for enterprise app developers seeking to break their product into consumer markets and conduct mobile app testing. The opportunities to reinforce the brand, build customer loyalty and generate revenue are all reasons for going to the consumer market. However, mobile app performance testing is where most companies get hung up. It’s cumbersome to roll out user-testing versions of enterprise mobile apps across consumer app channels. We all want people to install and interact with our pre-production apps and provide feedback and report issues. But testing is a real issue and often falls to just a few employees testing (often the same people are developing the apps). Not giving the apps a fresh set of eyes leads to problems – bugs, missed functionality and even brand damage for your apps.

How to remedy mobile app performance testing rollout challenges

 We've been able to help customers is by taking the “cumbersome” out of mobile app performance testing rollouts. For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to break it down into three categories – app deployment management, app quality, and employee satisfaction.

App Deployment Management

Sure, you want thousands of users testing your enterprise app before it launches -- but, it’s tough to set up channels for deployment when you’re relying on public app stores for distribution. And who really wants to publish to a public app store in pre-launch? This opens you up to competitors, security breaches and unnecessary customer scrutiny. By leveraging a mobile application management (MAM™) approach as a Testflight alternative, you can broaden your user testing base to hundreds or thousands of users – employees, contractors, franchise employees and even consumers. In addition, you can roll out different versions to different test groups and quickly respond to support requests. This strategy also includes an enterprise app store, eliminating the need to use a public store. A huge time-to-market booster is the ability to simultaneously test on multiple device platforms and keep track of what’s what with support and feedback.

App Quality

One of the best reasons for mobile app performance testing is to gather real-world feedback not captured at the drawing board. However, you walk a fine line when you’re rolling out an enterprise app for user feedback alongside quality assurance. Your QA team is equipped to capture bugs, but there’s nothing like user feedback. The challenge is keeping all the data straight – bug reports, feature requests and questions on how to use features. When you use a mobile application management approach, time gets shaved off the development and fixes before launch. This will help you in the ratings side of the app release when you do your public launch.

Employee Satisfaction

There’s nothing more satisfying than being on the front end of a product launch. Your employees are an excellent resource for feedback and bug reporting. And now you can make them part of the development process with easy app test deployment. A mobile application management platform helps you manage access by device, security level and use case.

Next Steps If you’re interested in improving apps on the front end, accelerating time to market and improving user ratings, check out how we can help.

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