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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Aug 23, 2016 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

New TeamForge Makes it Easier and Faster for You to Develop Quality Software

Enterprise Agile Planning

We recently announced a new release of our flagship product, TeamForge. The latest round of improvements will help enterprises better scale with Agile and accelerate software development and delivery.

When there is a disconnect or lack of visibility between teams, an enterprise will begin to experience bottlenecks at various points along the software delivery lifecycle. This creates frustration for everyone involved because it can delay delivery and negatively impact quality. Moreover, when governance and security are a top priority, stakeholders within the enterprise need assurance that quality software will be delivered on time. Our new release, TeamForge 16.7, contains new capabilities that work even harder to connect teams and processes at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle. TeamForge, always recognized as the best ALM integration platform in the industry, provides even richer, end-to-end visibility and traceability to connect the increasingly disparate lifecycle functions across the enterprise.

TeamForge users also will experience greater flexibility to design workflows, stronger support for Git pull requests and code reviews, and new integrations with JFrog Artifactory Pro, the increasingly popular version control system for binary artifacts. Each of these features was added to the latest release of TeamForge to enhance user experience, collaboration, and security.

Here are all the highlights from the TeamForge 16.7 news release:

“TeamForge improves enterprise software delivery speed and quality by drastically increasing collaboration and cross-functional visibility of processes. Quite simply, it eliminates many common causes for delays and holdups across enterprise software development and delivery processes,” said Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet. “It eliminates process silos, unifies popular tools and connects lifecycle functions. Now with extended capabilities such as powerful enterprise version control, organizations have the ability to control their code better and stand behind it with greater confidence.”

  • Scale Git for the Enterprise for Version Control
    TeamForge now includes a common UI for pull requests and Gerrit code reviews, an improvement on the Gerrit native UI. New functions allow for mass delete as well as a resurrect option, ensuring greater protection and security.
  • Integrate Tools to Extend the Connected Platform
    With new JFrog Artifactory Pro integrations and enhanced integrations for Jenkins, along with support for REST APIs and new artifact import options, TeamForge continues to lead the way as an open, extensible and flexible platform.
  • Improve Team Collaboration
    TeamForge helps globally distributed teams connect with project activity streams and other powerful collaboration tools, with new support for EventQ Activity Streams – a Slack/Facebook style news feed of EventQ events and activities from trackers, Git, SVN, Gerrit and all third-party configured activity sources. It also supports @mentions and in-line code reviews and inline commenting on lines and blocks of code.


With TeamForge, we’ve always focused on connecting globally distributed and cross-functional teams. The new improvements featured in TeamForge 16.7 encourage even more cohesive collaboration.

We are always working on improvements to our platform in order to help enterprises speed the development and delivery of high performing software. Although the latest version of TeamForge aligns with these goals, that won’t stop our continued focus on innovation and meeting our customers’ needs.  We can’t wait to show you what’s in store in the coming months.

Learn more about the latest version of TeamForge here:


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