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Our Favorite Mobile Productivity Apps

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Our Favorite Productivity Mobile AppsHere at Apperian, we live and breathe productivity. As champions of enterprise mobility, we understand firsthand how mobile productivity apps can have an enormous impact both in and out of the office. That’s why I’d like to share with you the mobile tools that our executives rely on in their day-to-day lives. Whether they’re keeping a finger on the pulse of breaking news and information or streamlining our lives, these are our favorite mobile productivity apps.


This notoriously distracting app can actually be productive when used the right way. Twitter is an excellent platform for gauging social sentiment at a glance, and is also a great way to keep up to date with top companies and follow industry leaders. Enterprises fluent in social media can wield the power of Twitter to promote customer engagement, release news, and run marketing campaigns. The multipurpose app is an invaluable resource for staying connected, especially when you’re short on time and always on the move.


The days of taking to the streets and hailing a cab are over thanks to Uber. The handy app is a major time saver, allowing you to book a cab and pay for it electronically with a few taps of the screen. Drivers contracted with Uber have all been vetted and the system is kept in check with a rating system. In addition to convenience, the app can save you money too. Different cars are available to cater to various budget ranges and if you’re catching a ride with another Uber user you can even split the bill. Uber is available in major cities across North America, Europe, and Asia.


FlightTrack first found its way onto the smartphones of savvy business travelers years ago and is still the best air travel app out there. Covering over 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide, at its core FlightTrack lets users track flights in real time, but this ingenious app offers much more than that. Combining weather, flight, and airport information, FlightTrack takes all the guesswork out of air travel. Color codes make it possible to see if you flight is on time, late, or canceled at a glance. Status screens will also show you which terminal number and baggage claim area to go to, and if you don’t know how to get there, you’ll find a map of the airport right on the app. Add to that the ability to receive text alerts and even share flight information with colleagues, and not even a polar vortex will be enough to phase you.


Having recently received a significant overhaul, LinkedIn has grown into much more than a resume site. Now available as a mobile app, it’s become legitimate platform for staying up to date with industry news, networking with clients and colleagues, and promoting your own company by releasing news and sharing expertise. LinkedIn’s updates also include a slick redesign that lets you configure separate screens for industry news, updates to contacts, and your own profile page. The improved UI makes it easier than ever to maintain business connections and stay on top of changes in your industry.


I think the New York Times said it best when they described Evernote as a ‘comprehensive single archive of your digital life’. Evernote is a great repository for notes, web pages, images, audio. Items can be organized into logical notebooks for easy access, and are synced with the Evernote server to ensure that you have access to all your files regardless of where your are or what device you’re using. Evernote can also be used to centralize company knowledge and as a platform to share and collaborate on ideas.


Offering real-time traffic reporting from real people on the road, Waze is a mobile app that will downright save you time. The community-based traffic and navigation app includes a real-time map with plot points of user-reported information. Taking a quick look at the map before commuting will help you avoid those annoying traffic slowdowns. Waze also has other handy features, like the ability to track friends en route to a meeting point and plot points highlighting the cheapest gas stations in the area.


Think of SpringPad as an interactive digital notebook that holds everything, including tasks, checklists, notes, links, photos, products, and more. Chosen by TIME Magazine as one of the top apps for 2013, what separates SpringPad from its competitors is that it keeps stored items active by providing updated information on everything for you. For instance, if you’ve saved a product to a notebook, SpringPad will show you its current price on Amazon. SpringPad notebooks can be customized to suit pretty much any purpose, from organizing a business meeting to planning a vacation. Items are displayed in an elegant, Pinterest-inspired manner, work colleagues, family, or friends can gain instant access to notebooks through simple share features, making it easier than ever to collaborate and organize on the go.


So much of the business world has gone electronic, except for the business cards. In an age when many of us no longer have a single sheet of paper in our briefcases and bags, we still probably have enough business cards to fill out a Rolodex. Thankfully, CardMunch offers a solution. The mobile app, which is owned by LinkedIn, allows users to digitize business cards and save them as contacts. To use, simply take a photo of a business card through the app. CardMunch will strips out the information from the image and makes a new contact.

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