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Q&A with CEO Ashok Reddy and President Derek Langone

This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Jan 22, 2020 — DevOps Expert

Q&A with Former CEO Ashok Reddy and President Derek Langone


On Tuesday, CollabNet VersionOne and XebiaLabs announced that they have merged to provide a united, end-to-end enterprise DevOps platform. This doesn’t happen every day, so we caught up with the new company’s CEO, Ashok Reddy, and President, Derek Langone, to find out more.

Why put these two companies together?

ASHOK REDDY, CEO: CollabNet is a leading provider of Value Stream Management, Agile planning, DevOps and version control management solutions. XebiaLabs is the leader in release orchestration, automated deployment, and continuous delivery. Together, we’ll provide enterprises with the holistic, end-to-end visibility and management capabilities they need to accelerate their digital transformation and optimize DevOps process, ensuring great business outcomes again and again.

DEREK LANGONE, PRESIDENT: That’s right, Ashok. This is exciting, not only for us and our customers, but for the DevOps industry. We are going to fundamentally transform how software is developed and delivered in large enterprises.

Why should your respective customers – and future customers – be excited about this news?

AR: The combination of CollabNet and XebiaLabs unites Agile and DevOps practices with complementary upstream and downstream product capabilities to provide the toolchain orchestration, value stream management, and visibility into the software development lifecycle businesses need. The new platform will serve as comprehensive system of record and intelligence for digital transformation, providing enterprise customers the capabilities needed to develop software in a quicker, more reliable, and secure way.

When will we see the new platform?

DL: We are moving aggressively on the integration process and we’ll be keeping everyone up to date as we go along. I can tell you that we are focusing on solutions that enable visibility and transparency across the software development life cycle. In the meantime, it’s business as usual for our customers. All of our existing products are still available, and we will continue to service and support you like we always have.

Ashok, what inspired you to join the company?

AR: This is an opportunity to be at the forefront of change in the way intelligent software and systems are developed and delivered in the world’s leading enterprises. We will enable digital transformation at scale with Agile and DevOps processes that continuously adapt, learn, and improve, and we’ll do it with a data- and AI-driven approach for world’s leading enterprises. I am thrilled to be part of this team and look forward to working with the entire company as we set the pace in the industry. 

What are you calling the new company?

DL: What? Doesn’t CollabNet VersionOne XebiaLabs just roll off your tongue? I’m kidding, of course. We’re launching a full branding effort. The new name will represent the value of our platform, our company mission, and reflect our combined culture. Stay tuned!

For more on this exciting news check out the press release.


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