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Recap of M-Enterprise Boston

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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 10We just wrapped up an exciting few days at M-Enterprise Boston! The three day conference was packed with impressive keynote presentations, content sessions and product demonstrations from top tier #MobilityPro(s) and analysts. Incase you couldn't make the conference or missed a session, we've pulled this recap together with all the best enterprise mobility insights that we caught!

Session Panel: Making Enterprise Mobility Work

Image-1 (26)Our very own SVP of Product, Alan Murray presented on this panel along side Tony Evan of BlackBerry, Kevin Kiley of AirWatch by VMware, Caleb Sima of Bluebox and moderator Benjamin Robbins of Palador. When asked "Did we get it wrong when we focused on securing the device?", Alan respsonded by saying no, because at that time, it was the best the industry could do. He explained that things have evolved now to securing app and data, its all about enabling apps that matter.  

Session Panel: CEO Insights

Image-1 (24)CEO of Apperian, David Patrick participated in this panel with CEO of Kinvey, Sravish Sridhar and CEO of FeedHenry, Cathal McGloin. David talked with moderator, Rodney Johnson, CEO and Founder of Luminous Mobile, about app adoption and explained the reaching 100% adoption is a challenge. David shared that in order to achieve this, enterprises should think about the needs of the users and create an app to address those needs. A great opportunity for IT to understand these needs lays in working with business users to find innovative app use cases. David shares the "business transformation" is the #1 objective for apps in the enterprise and this is what should be determined first, not security. It is important to have the appropriate level of security based on each mobile app but the most secure app that is not used is pointless and focusing on security too early in the development process with limit the organizations creativity.

Exec Spotlight: Mobile Insight from Home Court

Image-1 (27)Jay Wessland, VP & CTO of the Boston Celtics shared how he redefines "B2C"... (Business to Coaches!) with moderator, Maribel Lopez. Jay explained that he himself uses the devices and apps that his users use in order to better understand their needs. He focuses on "apps that matter" and their killer app is a "Play Logger" that tracks plays by their success and is used by scouts. Jay expresses the importance of data and is determined to always to pull more data in different, innovative ways and augmenting that data whenever possible. He uses a marriage of tangible data with user sentiment and feedback to create new contextual data that is not necessarily form sensors, this quantifies the human element and makes apps more predictive. Jay says mobile apps have given the Celtics a competitive edge and explains that he prefers native apps over web apps because of their offline integration. He feels that it is best to have specialized apps that target a particular function because it is easier to get their hands around individual apps rather than one, all encompassing app.

Exec Spotlight: NetApp

Image-1 (29)Enterprise Architect,  Abhijet Solanki shared with the audience how NetApp approaches delivering enterprise mobility internally and with partners. Abhijet explained that he has seen more demand for mobility from customer support and operations than sales which is surprising but he is pleased to see other functions embracing mobility and wants the entire organization to be productive where ever they are. To start things off, Abhijet built a few apps around office productivity to get the organization thinking about mobility and its many possibilities and he explained that its simple things like this that get people engaged. Early on he brought together business and IT, creating a small council by asking each department to nominate a mobility champion to help vet app ideas and strategies. He explains that most people are eager to be involved with mobile and by including them in the process it helps with alignment, buy in and ultimately adoption.

Exec Spotlight: Lessons learned in using technology to power business transformation

Image-1 (30)Scott Phelps, VP of Global eBusiness at De Lage Landen shared some of the lessons he learned while using technology to power business transformation. He emphasized the importance of bringing stakeholders in early because if your not doing so, you are doing a disservice to the project. Scott says to "bring IT to the strategy table" as its a tremendous opportunity for them to step to the plate and make a change in the organization. Scott explained that is doesn't make sense to create a 2 years plan around developing and deploying apps in the enterprise . This process just moves to fast for that and it is more sensible to think in 6 month increments, prioritizing app projects to focus first on those with the highest value. When it comes to the individual apps, Scotts says you have to understand the user process. He recommends using prototypes extensively, doing role playing with them and really listening to the app users.

Session Panel: Creating Enterprise Apps that Matter

Image-1 (31)Benjamin Robbins moderated the panel on enterprise apps that matter where panelists discussed their latest thinking on how apps are designed and what choice firms need to investigate. Dipesh Mukerji, Senior Director of Product Strategy & Marketing at Kony says he thinks analytics is important but the user experience is really the key to getting back end integration right. Jonathan Lindo, VP of Enterprise Mobility at CA Technologies, was asked to give an example of an app that doesn't matter and replied by saying that companies are having a glut of apps that are just not being used analytics should be used to identify and then get rid of these apps. Adam Stein, VP of Mobile Product Marketing at SAP shared that having a scalable platform is essential and is ultimately what is going to keep your mobile app from falling on its face.

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