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This post is from the Apperian blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated May 08, 2013 — App Management expert

Same Company, New Logo

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Notice anything different about us? Our new logo, tagline, color palette and website for instance? Yes, those are the surface changes here at Apperian. But look deeper and you will find a whole new brand promise. One that better reflects what we mean to you, our customer, every day – Mobility Moving Forward™.

A History of Moving the Industry Forward

Apperian was founded by the Apple execs responsible for building the very first enterprise apps for iOS. So, for us, it's always been about the apps – never the device. After building hundreds of iOS and device-agnostic custom apps for the enterprise, we began building capabilities to help our customers manage their mobile apps. It was a natural progression that would soon result in the Apperian EASE® platform, today’s most forward-thinking mobile application platform for the enterprise. And that’s when our transformation truly began. Now, we are widely recognized as the industry pioneer and leading platform provider for managing the full lifecycle of mobile apps in the enterprise. Everyday, the world’s largest and most complex IT environments put their trust in Apperian. We give their workers the right access to the right versions of the right apps in a way that is incredibly easy to use, manage and scale.

Behind the New Approach

We’re at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry. In rebranding the company we wanted to project our passion for the app lifecycle and express the speed, agility and strength we bring to the enterprise. We are continually helping our customers move forward and in turn we are moving an entire industry forward. Our new branding approach encompasses these characteristics and will more effectively position us for the exciting things to come.

What’s in It for You

Along with our new brand approach, we are launching a number of programs to better interact with you our customer. We’ve also launched a new customer satisfaction program where we benchmark and hold each of our employees accountable for ensuring that our customers are successful, happy and gaining the most value from us. And we are overhauling how we communicate product enhancements and platform direction.

Amidst all these changes and enhancements, we’re still Apperian. Still the fearless innovators.

Only now we have a fortified commitment to leading our industry and customer organizations to extraordinary new heights. Let’s move forward together.

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