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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Nov 01, 2016 — DevOps Expert

Simplify DevOps Complexity With XebiaLabs' DevOps Platform v6.0



We’re excited that next week, we’ll be welcoming another set of big innovations here at XebiaLabs: the 6.0 release of our analyst-lauded XebiaLabs DevOps platform.

With DevOps adoption expanding across the enterprise, the 6.0 release of XL Release and XL Deploy helps large organizations simplify and better manage the growing complexity of their DevOps initiatives. Our 6.0 platform focuses on providing the visibility, flexibility and compliance features enterprises need to scale their DevOps release processes and keep up with business demands. The new features empower teams across the business to manage releases at enterprise scale, delivering…

  • Better capability to manage releases at large scale, from a central location, across many teams
  • Deeper insight into the release process and better intelligence to make decisions
  • More flexibility to manage and present release data in the most efficient way for each team
  • Simplified auditing and regulatory compliance

Release Highlights

Multi-functional Release Folders – using the new folders feature, companies can easily organize, manage and secure release information across hundreds of teams, applications and releases. IT can manage the release process in one central location and provide reusable release templates globally for all teams. Role-based access control secures data and gives individual teams the flexibility to access to their data alone with an uncluttered view. [caption id="attachment_13343" align="aligncenter" width="643"]XL Release 6.0 Multi-functional Release Folders XL Release 6.0 introduces multi-functional release folders, an intuitive way to organize release assets by project, by team or whatever model fits the organization.[/caption] Flexible Release Tags – users now have the option to classify tasks in a release with keywords using customizable tags. This simple yet highly flexible functionality allows teams to easily group or filter related parts of a release such as security tasks, database tasks, deployment tasks, or anything else that helps them understand and optimize the release. [caption id="attachment_13345" align="aligncenter" width="666"]XL Release 6.0 Task Tags More flexible tagging allows users to attach tags to any task within a release. From the release table view, users can apply a filter to display only the release tasks that have a specified tag or tags.[/caption] More Powerful Dashboards for Compliance and Security – the new Release Task Progress dashboard tile type helps you identify and report on related parts of large, complex releases. Each dashboard component, or “tile”, allows simple yet powerful reporting on important dimensions of a release including security and compliance, two areas that all too often have relied on manual data-gathering and reporting. [caption id="attachment_13344" align="aligncenter" width="399"]XL Release 6.0 Task Progress Dashboard A new Task Progress dashboard tile lets teams easily configure their own customizable views on their release dashboards based on specific tags.[/caption] Enhanced Productivity for Large-scale Deployments – users also will enjoy optimizations such as more flexible dependency management, performance improvements and better system continuity with hot standby. Teams also gain better control over deployments to remote data centers and more visibility into the remote deployment process.

What Users Think

Some of our users have already previewed the new release. Matt Cipollone, Manager of Enterprise Build and Deployment Automation at Paychex, summarized the sentiment well: “By implementing tools from XebiaLabs and supporting processes, we have proven that we can release software more consistently, with more insight into bottlenecks than ever before, backed by hard data. This data helps us drive continuous improvement as we strive to increase our enterprise maturity in Continuous Delivery and leverage our cross-functional DevOps culture to obtain results.” He went on to add that his team is “excited about the new features available in XL Release 6.0, which will further simplify usage for our teams, offer better controls, more flexible permissions, and provide even more data to help us make well-informed decisions around delivery of solutions to our customers.”

What Top Analysts Say About XebiaLabs

XebiaLabs is highly regarded by leading industry analysts. Gartner named XebiaLabs as a leader in its 2016 Magic Quadrant for Application Release Automation, while Forrester cited us as top-ranked in the Strategy category of the Forrester Wave™ Application Release Automation, Q3 2016 report. You can download both the Gartner and Forrester reports from our website for free.

See for Yourself!

Version 6.0 of both products will be available for download on November 9. And even if you aren’t a current user, you can still try out a full version of XL Release and XL Deploy free for 30 days.  


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