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This post is from the XebiaLabs blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 19, 2014 — DevOps Expert

Sit back and let us do the driving


While the age of the driverless car pioneered by Google will probably not be mainstream for years to come, few can Accelerationdispute its novelty. Sitting back while an autonomous vehicle does all the work is the beauty behind automation. Thinking about a future with driverless cars and flying machines is an apt analogy for workflow tools and XL Deploy, the leading Application Release Automation. Recently while visiting the customer site of a large financial services organization in the Northeast, our customer explained their view on what its like to use XL Deploy. "Using a visual workflow tool is very much like driving a car or piloting a plane. With a workflow tool, before you can take off you must design your flight plan for each flight, communicate your flight plan to ground control, activate 100 switches in the cockpit, then risk the actual journey. You must do this for each destination (or set of applications), you need to reach. With XL Deploy, the operator can simply jump into the drone or driverless car, plug in the GPS coordinates, and you’re ready to fly." So while Google cars and drones are the wave of the future, developers and DevOps teams can make use of XebiaLabs today to automate the delivery process. Sit back and relax. Let XebiaLabs do all the work.

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