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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Oct 30, 2018 — Value Stream Management Expert

Still camped out on the value stream: Reflections from the DevOps Enterprise Summit, DOES18

Value Stream Management


I’ve just returned from Vegas where I attended the 2018 DevOps Enterprise Summit or DOES18. This was the third year in a row CollabNet VersionOne has supported this important conference and each year it’s one of my favorite events.

I remember two years ago at DOES, in 2016, I had begun to realize the link between what we as an industry were doing in DevOps and the need to derive business value from that. To those in the industry, the connection was implicit — delivering better software faster through empathy, collaboration, etc. would of course result in business goals being achieved — but connecting these dots at a higher level would take more intentional mapping.

I started using the phrases “Value Stream Mapping,” and “Value Stream Management,” at that time, and often got quizzical looks when doing so. A few others were making this connection as well, but it was not talked about much. To see my earlier thinking on this or read more about borrowing the Lean Manufacturing concepts for software development, you can check out my article in TechBeacon, “How value-stream mapping delivers a better DevOps toolchain.”

It’s safe to say, several years later, Value Stream Management has proven its worth in the industry and was, in fact, a major theme of this year’s DOES conference.

As Jason Bloomberg wrote about the event in an article in Forbes (where CollabNet VersionOne is mentioned): “Given the focus of DOES, connecting this toolchain to customer value was unsurprisingly a common story across many vendors. The clearest presentation of this story focused on Value Stream Management (VSM), a product category that has been getting more attention of late as a result.”

I had the pleasure of meeting with a number of partners, customers, friends and analysts at the event. I shared with a few of them a story about some recent meetings I’d been having with the CIO of a large media organization.

“Wait, you are having these conversations with a CIO?!”  was often the reaction I got.

“How does a software vendor selling something around DevOps get into the same room as the C-level?”

They were surprised to hear that the “door in” for the enterprise could be at a high business level. But when you are talking about Value Stream Management and tracking and measuring business value and business goals throughout the company’s most important asset (software) development processes and teams, yes. That warrants the attention of the C-level.

We are elevating the power of DevOps by taking its solutions and mapping them to needs of the entire organization.

It’s a fun conversation to have. In fact, our recently announced partner, Compuware, took the center stage at DOES18 and conference host, Gene Kim interviewed CEO Chris O’Malley. The focus of the conversation was the C-suite.

Gene wanted to know, how do software organizations get the ear of executives when it comes to DevOps? O’Malley encouraged DevOps teams and the business to work together.

This is perhaps the last mile for DevOps — breaking the silo around “the business,” and “delivery” and bringing business leaders and goals greater visibility and participation in the entire lifecycle. Value Stream Management is the answer here. In fact, in that interaction I mentioned earlier with the CIO of a media organization, this leader has labeled her work within the organization as, “making work visible.”

Value Stream Management, particularly with a platform like VS from CollabNet VersionOne, enables complete end-to-end visibility — with an emphasis on results and KPIs — for the enterprise.

Some other highlights from my week include recording video interviews with both and Torsten Volk from EMA which we will be sure to share soon, and also seeing CollabNet VersionOne’s recently announced partners Parasoft and Compuware.

Myself and others were very impressed with the fantastic CollabNet VersionOne team, fishing-vest and hiking boot clad, camped out by the value stream in our booth. I’m lucky to work with such hard-working, enthusiastic people who make this journey forwarding DevOps a joy.

Thanks DOES18 community for making it another excellent conference, already looking forward to DOES19!


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