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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Apr 14, 2009 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

Tech talk: Codesion FrogSAFE Platform – the daemons inside

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If you’re a user of our new FrogSAFE V4 Platform, you may have noticed a small spinning circular AJAX symbol at the top of the GUI screen.  Little daemons at work – making the platform hum.

While most of you are probably aware of daemons (and possibly don’t care much about them as long as they’re not causing problems) I just thought I’d share a few words about them because they’re an important part of our new platform architecture.

The core of what enables us to leverage fundamental cloud computing components – like dedicated servers, and virtual slices in various data centers – is our custom written daemons. Without going into too much detail, our lead engineers, Sarah George, Mark George and Emil Emilov, designed a range of daemons that ensure all jobs are performed, and all accounts are autoprovisioned and backed up. These daemons run on each of our hosted instances, and are constantly talking to each other and listening for jobs that they need to perform. Each daemon is aware of where it sits in the cloud of server instances, what its role in life is, and happily goes about performing its duty and reporting back home if there are issues with multiple fail safes built in. You’ll see the daemons in action as that little spinning circular AJAX arrow at the top of our admin GUI.

So whether it be to calculate your disk quota, build a fresh instance of Subversion, enable authentication over all our tools via the same username, backup your repositories to the nearest 10 minutes, etc., we have written a series of complex daemons that will talk to each other, communicating in parallel over multiple server instances to bring you a rock solid, scalable and reliable platform.

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