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Last Updated Feb 13, 2014 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

The Agile Community to Join Forces in Detroit: @AgileAndBeyond

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Agile and Beyond: the words paint an image of a dark, star/lit sky. The starship Agile floats through the air toward some distant, efficient, high/performing process improvement. Excuse the attempt at a dreamy, poetic intro; I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. Good news; this thinking need not be conceptual dreaming. Agile and Beyond, coming to Detroit next week, brings a place and platform for healthy discussions and dialogue around agile software development’s past, its present, its future. It’s Agile and Beyond time again, and VersionOne is proud to be a returning sponsor at the conference on Saturday, February 22nd in Dearborn, Michigan. Stop by and visit us at Agile and Beyond to learn what you need to know about managing your company's agile processes with an agile project management tool, or continue to evolve or adapt your understanding and execution of agile.  We are the first booth on the left when entering the sponsor area. [caption id="attachment_3930" align="alignright" width="300"]Agilists from across the Midwest will gather in Dearborn, Michigan for Agile and Beyond 2014. Agilists from across the Midwest will gather in Dearborn, Michigan for Agile and Beyond 2014.[/caption] When you are not visiting our booth, check out the great slate of sessions available. From reading the titles and abstracts, these are my favorites: Stop Thinking and Start Doing: Action is everything, right? In this presentation, Daniel Davis will explore how we can use agile to put noble goals in place for you and your team. This will be personal development at its finest. The Power of Promiscuous Pairing:  In this provocatively titled talk, Thomas Piggott and Carol Treat Morton will showcase how pairing can yield tremendous benefits even beyond development. Who wouldn’t want to attend a talk that helps your team eliminate ‘towers of knowledge?’ Removing the UX Roadblock: Anyone who has been on an agile team with UX talent knows the struggles. A developer’s work styles, patterns, and pacing may be completely different than a UX designer’s, yet the designer’s contributions and output are pivotal to producing software. Stop thinking of the UX team as a roadblock; instead visualize them as a high/performing team member capable of greatness. We are just scratching the surface here with the number of awesome presentations and workshops on the schedule. Thanks, Agile and Beyond for putting together another outstanding event. We look forward to meeting the agile software development community of the greater Detroit area. BTW: If you have time after the conference, visit one of the great Middle Eastern restaurants that call Detroit home. You won’t be disappointed. Dan Naden Community Marketing Manager VersionOne  

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