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This post is from the CollabNet VersionOne blog and has not been updated since the original publish date.

Last Updated Feb 23, 2011 — Enterprise Agile Planning expert

The Edit Two-Step

Enterprise Agile Planning

Quickly updating an item and continuing on with one’s work is essential to a smooth experience in any application. Here are some tips to help you do quick updates and be on your way within VersionOne.

1. Inline grid updates (THE BEST – Gold star for you)

Here are a few different ways to perform inline grid edits…

Edit directly in the grid

The Edit Two-Step: Make change, click Apply

a. Update an editable field in a grid… click Apply (or just hit ‘Enter’) to save. (This is known as the Edit Two-Step…just two steps and you’re done.)

b. Double-click the row to make it editable… make your update… click Save for the row.

c. Double-click the column to make the entire column editable… make updates across multiple rows… click Apply for the grid (or just hit ‘Enter’) to save.

The quickest way to edit an item is right in the grid and it’s not nearly as hard to learn as some other Two-Steps you could try. The three methods above all allow you to perform edits if the information is visible right within a grid. Rich text fields are an exception – they can’t be edited directly in a grid.

Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to Customize your grid and add a column to it if you will be editing that field a lot. This lets you perform the Edit Two-Step more often and will make you a VersionOne star.

2. Edit Action (Sometimes, this is necessary)

Edit Action

Edit in the Grid Action Menu

Click the Edit action in a grid row to pop the item up in edit mode… make changes in the popup window… click the OK button.

The next best option, especially if you need to update a rich text field or make a single update to a field that’s not currently visible, is to use the Edit action in the grid row’s action menu. This is the default action in many places. This pops up an Edit window to allow you to make changes, updates the grid and keeps you right in the same place when you’re done, which is especially helpful if you’re making updates to an item on, say, page 12 of a grid and want to be sure you stay there.

3. Edit link on Details Page (There’s usually a better way)

Click on the item’s title… click on the Edit link on the popup window… make your changes… click the OK button… close the window… refresh your grid.

Ouch! Count all those steps. The last and, typically, the slowest method of making an update is to use the Edit link on the Details page. While this can be helpful if you are navigating around by clicking through details pages, it’s a slow path to take if start by seeing the item you need to update within a grid. In addition to requiring the most clicks, you may be faced with the need to manually update your grid at the end of the process, which can cause you to lose your place. Once in a while, we’ll witness a customer using this method to do all their updates… and it makes us sad inside. Fortunately, we can point out how to speed things up for them and let them know that this method should only be used as a last resort.

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